Redmi Pad 5G leaked! – Redmi’s first tablet may be on the way

We recently reported on the Xiaomi Pad 5 that just got released, and now we have more information on the newest and first addition to Redmi’s tablet lineup, as the Redmi Pad 5G leaked on Weibo recently. So, let’s get into it.

Redmi Pad 5G Leaked – possible specs & more

According to ITHome, some Xiaomi users were given a questionnare by Xiaomi themselves, and one of the questions was about which tablet the users used, and one of the options was the “Redmi Pad 5G“. The survey was given to users on the 30th of April, by the MIUI User Research Department.

There is also another source that claimed that along with the Redmi Pad 5G leak, claimed that it would feature a Snapdragon 765G, a 90Hz display, 30W charging, and more. Though, keep in mind that this is a third-party render, and not an official render from Xiaomi, and this is around a year old now.


We’re not sure when the Redmi Pad 5G will come out, but we expect it to be soon, and it seems like it will be a budget offering from Redmi, to be an option for people who want a Xiaomi tablet but not to break the bank on an expensive device. We will update you on this topic as much as we can.

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