Redmi Router AC2100: A fast and secure router by Xiaomi

Redmi router AC2100 has been launched in China, adding to Xiaomi’s wide range of network devices. It comes with Wi-Fi 6 support and six external high-gain omnidirectional antennas. The dual-band Redmi router AC2100 has a Dual-Core Quad Thread processor and boasts up to2033 Mbps speeds depending on the connected frequency. It comes in a single white color option. The comes with Built-in NetEase UU game acceleration, 6 high-performance signal amplifiers, and tons of security features. It has a management app that can be installed on Android, iOS, and the Web. Redmi router AC2100 has LED indicators for various functions as well. Let’s find more details about this router in this Redmi AC2100 review!

Redmi Router AC2100 price

Redmi router AC2100 is priced at 199 yuan ($31) which is very cheap if you look at the other routers with the same specifications. Xiaomi launched this router exclusively in China but it can be bought globally through various e-commerce sites. Please note that the Redmi router AC2100 firmware will be in Chinese. You can get the details of Redmi AC2100 English firmware from the OpenWRT website.

Redmi Router AC2100: Specs and features

The Redmi AC2100 runs on an Intelligent router operating system MiWiFi ROM based on OpenWRT deep customization and is powered by MediaTek MT7621A MIPS Dual-core 880MHz processor. It has 128 MB of ROM.

The dual-band concurrent wireless rate is as high as 2033Mbps, which is about 1.7 times the wireless rate of the AC1200 router. This will enable you to Play games and watch 4K high-definition videos without lag and delay.

The 2.4GHz band is equipped with 2 external high-performance signal amplifiers (PA) and high-sensitivity signal receivers (LNA). The 5GHz band is equipped with 4 built-in high-performance signal amplifiers and high-sensitivity signal receivers which Significantly improve signal coverage and wall penetration stability and easily cope with various complex network environments.

Redmi Router AC2100 antennas

The 5GHz frequency band supports Beamforming technology, which can automatically detect the location of mobile phones, computers, and other terminals in the network and enhance the signal in the location. It also makes the Wi-Fi effective coverage wider and the signal quality more stable.

Redmi router AC2100 can provide a stable connection to 128 devices with the help of its 4×4 MIMO and OFDMA technology. It also provides game acceleration with its Built-in NetEase UU game acceleration.

It measures 259mm x 176mm x 184mm. The main body adopts a simple geometric appearance and has a white frosted plastic shell which is simple and durable. Redmi router AC2100 comes with a heat dissipation design to ensure stable operation. It adopts a large-area aluminum alloy heat sink and high thermal conductivity thermal adhesive, which effectively improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the whole machine.

It also prevents unknown devices from connecting. When an unfamiliar device connects to the router, the Xiaomi Wi-Fi APP can automatically send a notification to inform the user that a new device is connected. In case of high-risk device access, it can actively block the device from connecting to the Internet or prompt you to block it with one click according to the security level.

Its security features include WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK encryption, wireless access control (black and white list), hidden SSID, and an intelligent anti-scratch network.

That was all about the Redmi router AC2100, You can get more details about it in Xiaomi’s website, The page is in Chinese but don’t let that stop you. While you are here, check out Redmi Router AX6S and Xiaomi AX6000.

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