Redmi Writing Pad released in India at Rs. 599!

Redmi Writing Pad has been released in India! Cheap tablets with stylus that can be easily written on and erased with electronic ink have recently gained popularity. E-ink tablets are made by numerous firms since they are affordable and useful for students. As one of them, Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Writing Pad as well.

Redmi Writing Pad

Redmi Writing Pad just weighs 90 grams and is made of plastic. Since it doesn’t have a lot of electronics inside it’s undoubtedly not an Android tablet.

These tablets make sense since they allow you write and erase instead of using paper all the time. By tapping the eraser button when you’ve finished writing or drawing on the tablet, the screen is totally erased. Therefore, it is impossible to delete a specialized area. One button is made to erase the everything appearing on the display.

The stylus has a slide and attach mechanism to the side of tabler for easy access and weighs less than 5 grams. As Xiaomi advertises Redmi Writing Pad lets you to write up to 20,000 pages with single replaceable battery.

The tablet’s lock button prevents erasing the drawing from the display. Once you switch it to the unlocked position, you can erase the display as usual. You can buy Redmi Witing Pad from this link.

Redmi Writing Pad is available on the official website of Xiaomi India right now. It’s on sale at ₹ 599 which equals to $7. Model number of Redmi Writing Pad is RMXHB01N and it comes with CR2016 replaceable battery. The product dimensions are 21 cm x 14 cm x 0.5 cm.

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