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Render images of POCO X5 5G series have been revealed!

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Render images of the POCO X5 5G series started to appear quite soon before the launch event. Although we are unsure of the exact release date, we believe that it will be introduced in February. POCO X5 Pro 5G will be released will be released globally but we assume it will have a special price tag in India.

In our earlier post, we learned that a picture on Twitter indicated that POCO X5 5G would debut on February 6 in India. It’s obviously not official but as you know, rumors sometimes come true. If you want to learn how POCO X5 Pro 5G’s box will appear read our previous article from this link: New POCO Smartphone POCO X5 Pro 5G’s box leaked!

POCO X5 5G series render images

SnoopyTech, a well known tech blogger on Twitter, posted the render images of POCO X5 Pro 5G on his account. We previously explained that POCO X5 Pro 5G is a rebrand of Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed. This did not come as much of a surprise to us after viewing the render images. In terms of design, POCO X5 Pro 5G has very little differences compared to Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed. POCO X5 5G also looks like Redmi Note 12 5G. Here are the render images of POCO X5 5G first.

We got two different colors of it, green and black. The Pro model offers more color options compared to vanilla model. POCO X5 5G will be powered by Snapdragon 695 and come with an 120 Hz AMOLED display. You can read this article to learn more about POCO X5 5G. Let’s take a look at POCO X5 Pro 5G.

On the camera setup, 48 MP is written on POCO X5 5G while 108 MP written on the POCO X5 Pro 5G. POCO X5 Pro 5G is very likely to come with Snapdragon 778G, basically the key differences between these two models will be the performance and camera.

What do you think about POCO X5 series? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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