Restore Stock ROM Using HUAWEI eRecovery

With the eRecovery mode available on HUAWEI phones, you can restore stock rom on your bricked device by over WiFi.

When the device cannot boot the Android, if you installed a custom rom or if you have rooted, you want to restore stock rom, try eRecovery is easy to use. The feature comes with all HUAWEI devices since EMUI 4.

Important Notes

  • This method deletes all data on your device. You must ensure that you have backed up your data.
  • Make sure there is at least 30% battery power.
  • Installation may take a long time, be patient.
  • Step 1 – Turn off your phone, connect it to the computer with a USB cable, and press the volume up + power buttons until the device turns on in eRecovery mode.

HUAWEI eRecovery Mode

  • Step 2 – Touch “Download latest version and recovery”.
  • Step 3 – Touch “Download and recovery” and select WiFi connection.

  • Step 4 – Once the Internet connection is established, the update package will automatically start downloading.
  • Step 5 – Once the process is complete, the device will restart and the Android will start.

If your phone does not boot after downloading and installing, there may be a hardware issue.

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