Some MIUI users reporting Telegram app crashes and here’s why it happens.

Although not all MIUI users have this issue, some have noticed Telegram app crashes on their phones. According to Nekogram(a Telegram client) it’s fault of both MIUI and Telegram and Nekogram team posted a solution regarding to this issue. You can download Nekogram app here on Play Store.

Why some users having Telegram app crashes?

The softwares need to get updates in order to make it working stable in some cases. A legacy code from Telegram remains inactive for years however the MIUI team changed something, causing an app crash because of a warning. Nekogram app will be updated to get fixed this issue soon but this isn’t the case for the official Telegram client yet.

What should you do if your Telegram app crashes on MIUI?

Not every MIUI device has the issue but Nekogram app developers brought a simple fix for people facing the crash. You may run the following command on ADB or root shell in order to temporarily work around. You can copy the command here: “settings put global wtf_is_fatal”.

You will need root access on the shell but you may prefer performing it through your PC on ADB shell as well. Do you face Telegram crashes too? Please let us what you think in the comments. You can read full post of Nekogram from this link.

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