Some of the best alternative YouTube clients without ads

YouTube has officially cracked down on adblockers, leaving users with limited access to videos after watching just three with an adblocker. The move appears to be a strategic effort to encourage users to opt for YouTube Premium, a subscription service that offers an ad-free experience, ability do store downloads offline and more.

While YouTube Premium is reasonably priced in many countries, the growing trend of subscription based platforms has made some users tired of paying for yet another “paid” service. YouTube leaves users who don’t pay together with ads to force them to pay for YouTube Premium.

In this article, we listed the best YouTube clients we’ve discovered on the web. Thanks to Piped team, there are many Android apps and even web clients for desktop users and an ad-free client even for iOS devices.


Clipous is basically an Android client of Invidious. Invidious allows you to subscribe to channels on YouTube without even needing a Google account, but you need to host it locally.

Clipous comes with public servers added out of the box and you almost don’t even need to configure manually. When you first open the app, select a server that suits you best based on your location and you can start using the app.

This open source app comes with features like background play, subscription management and it has a very simple design. It will take some getting used to, as it looks a bit different from the official YouTube app. The app interface is quite responsive and smooth so we included this one in our list. Get Clipious here.


LibreTube, an another ad-free YouTube client stands out with its elegant design compared to Clipious. Unlike Clipious, LibreTube shows the profile picture of a channel during a search made through searchbox inside the app.

We added it to our list because it has a more elegant and unique design compared to Clipious, we believe it’s just another app is worth to try. Get LibreTube here.


NewPipe has established itself as a reliable ad-free YouTube client for quite a long time, offering not only a seamless viewing experience but also a range of extra functionalities, including video downloads.

While LibreTube also allows for video downloads, NewPipe stands out as one of the most stable ad-free YouTube clients available. Get it on F-Droid here.

Piped Video – Ad-free YouTube for desktop

Team Piped is actually the primary software team for enabling the creation of various ad-free YouTube applications, thanks to their API many developers have built their own instances.

To enjoy YouTube without ads, you can either visit the web version of Piped by clicking here or type “” in your browser’s URL bar. In case “” works or loads videos too slow, you can try out “” instead, click here to try the other one. To access Piped on your computer, simply use one of the provided links above.


If you have an iOS device and try the ad-free YouTube experience, you can simply try “Yattee” app available on App Store. Get the app through either App Store here or on GitHub.

What do you think about the ad-free clients of YouTube? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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