[Update: Removed Again] The Most Used and Popular MIUI Feature is Gone in MIUI 13!

Till MIUI 13, the users measured their battery usage levels via their settings app. This was the popular MIUI feature. They were looking onto their screen on time (SOT), but in MIUI 13, Xiaomi have removed this feature. But why?

Update: May 9, Screen On Time Removed Again

The screen on time display feature, which was added back 10 days ago, has been removed again with MIUI 13-22.5.6. Unfortunately, looks like this feature will not be with us in MIUI 13.5.

Update: April 28, Screen On Time on MIUI will return with MIUI 13.5

Great news – the Screen on time feature is returning in the MIUI 13 22.4.26 update! This means that you’ll be able to see how long your screen has been on for, so you can keep track of your usage and make any necessary changes. The update is currently in beta, but stable users will get it on MIUI 13.5.

So keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, you can check out the other new features that are included in the update. There’s plenty to explore!

What is Screen On Time?

Screen-on Time is the amount of time in hours that a device’s display is open.This single feature is used in if your battery is going in the right track by having the intended amount of SOT time, a mid-range device usually gets 5 to 6 hours of SOT normally. If your battery is well, dead, you can’t be getting that much of an SOT, rather get 3 hours of SOT in total.

Most of the Xiaomi users have been measuring their battery life by their SOT usage, it is unknown why Xiaomi have done this. But it’s probably the reason that Xiaomi is trying to say “our batteries are always good, we don’t need a function like that to make our end users measure the battery level.”

Left one is the MIUI 13’s battery screen.

And right one is the MIUI 12.5’s Battery page, with SOT measurement on it.

Why Xiaomi Removed This Popular MIUI Feature?

It is really unknown why Xiaomi did this, but let’s hope that it will return in another UI overhaul update, let’s say, in MIUI 13.5. Another guess about this is that Google will remove this feature with Android 12. Because most of the users will in fact report this to Xiaomi themselves, and Xiaomi will probably readd this feature back onto your device without you even noticing it.

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