The perfect ways to control your phone from a PC!

You may want to control your phone from a PC, you don’t have time to take out your phone from your pocket, or even to open your phone by unlocking your fingerprint while working hard from your computer, or maybe you have a phone with a broken screen, and you want to save as much data as you can. This wasn’t possible years ago, but it is possible with help from an app called Scrcpy.

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Control your phone from a PC! How does it work?

Scrcpy is an app that uses your ADB privilege so you can stream your phone’s screen in real-time to be controlled by only you and no one else. Most Android developers use Scrcpy for testing their Custom ROMs, most phone repairmen use Scrcpy so they can recover data from a phone that has a broken screen, Scrcpy is a great tool to use for extraordinary purposes.


You can use Scrcpy in various places to control your phone from a PC, such as:

  • Restoring your unreachable files on a phone that has a broken screen. (ADB must be enabled before.)
  • Using your phone from your PC
  • Testing Purposes (Custom ROMs)
  • Gaming Via Phone (PUBG Mobile, PS2 Emulation, and more)
  • Daily Usages (Instagram, Discord, Instagram, Telegram and more)

You can use Scrcpy in these three different key factors. Those key factors are the perfect ways to control your phone from a PC.


Scrcpy has a lot of features that make it easier for you to control your phone from a PC, such as:

  • Native Screen Brightness
  • 30 to 120fps performance. (Depending on the device.)
  • 1080p or above screen quality
  • 35 to 70ms low latency
  • Low start-up time, takes 0 to 1 second to start up.
  • No accounts, no ads, no log-in system required
  • Open Source

Those features are the main focuses of the software itself, now, to the actual quality of life features:

  • Screen Recording Support
  • Mirroring, even if your screen is off.
  • Copy-paste with both directions
  • Config-free quality
  • (Linux Only) Android device as a webcam.
  • Physical Keyboard/Mouse Simulation
  • OTG Mode

Scrcpy has all the features that you can control your phone from a PC, all-ready, to be controlled by you.


Installing Scrcpy is easy. You need ADB installed on your Windows/Linux/macOS PC, and ADB enabled on your Android device.

  • Install ADB from here if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Enable ADB from your device. Check if the ADB is running properly by simply typing in “adb devices”
  • (For Xiaomi Devices) Enable “USB Debugging (Security settings)” so you can gain full access.
  • Install Scrcpy for Windows by clicking here.
  • Install Scrcpy for Linux by typing “apt install scrcpy” on the Terminal. You can also check here to see in which Linux distros have different installation methods.
  • Install Scrcpy for MacOS by typing “brew install scrcpy” ( if you don’t have ADB in MacOS already, type in “brew install android-platform-tools” to install ADB.)
  • Create a folder named “Scrcpy” and drag the files in the zip folder into that folder.
  • Simply Start Scrcpy and you’re good to go! You can flawlessly control your phone from a PC now!

Wireless Mode

You can also use Scrcpy via Wireless ADB, you have to do those steps:

  • Connect your device to your PC
  • Type in “adb tcpip 5555”
  • Check your IP address from the WiFi section of your settings.
  • Connect your device to the wireless ADB with “adb connect (your IP number here:5555)”
  • Kudos! Now, unplug your USB and start Scrcpy.
  • (Note: You can return to the USB mode by typing “scrcpy –select-usb” and it will open in USB mode)

Note: Scrcpy might work with latency with the Wireless mode. This mode is only necessary if you don’t have any battery left in your device and if it needs a charge.

Other commands that Scrcpy has inside.

Those commands must be used if there is a problem with your phone’s resolution, refresh rate, or more problems that occur. Scrcpy has all of those commands in their Github Readme. All there to help you get to the best of your screen quality. Here are some of the commands. And here is an example on how a code is entered:

Capture configuration

Some Android devices might have low-end hardware and might not work as intended. That’s why we most probably will lower our resolution to have the best of our performance.

  • scrcpy –max-size 1024
  • scrcpy -m 1024 # short version

Change bit-rate

To change the bit rate of the stream, use these codes:

  • scrcpy –bit-rate 2M
  • scrcpy -b 2M # short version

Limit frame rate

The frame rate can be modified with this code:

  • scrcpy –max-fps 15

Screen Recording

There is also a way to screen record while mirroring your device from your PC. Here are the codes:

  • scrcpy –record file.mp4
  • scrcpy -r file.mkv

There is also a way to disable screen mirroring while recording:

  • scrcpy –no-display –record file.mp4
  • scrcpy -Nr file.mkv
  • # interrupt recording with Ctrl+C

Change your connection method

You can change if your screen mirroring can be in USB mode, or in Wireless mode.

  • scrcpy –select-usb
  • scrcpy –select-tcpip

With those commands, you can find the perfect settings and to flawlessly control your phone from a PC.

Control your phone from a PC: Conclusion

With Using Scrcpy, you can do everything on your phone, mirrored to your PC, using Instagram, chatting on Telegram, playing games, even! Scrcpy is a great way if you cannot reach your phone and you have to use another method to control your device wirelessly. And also for debugging purposes, retrieving back some files, developing a device, Scrcpy works on every single thing you do on your phone on a daily basis. This is the perfect way to control your phone from a PC.

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