How to Remove Bloatware on Xiaomi | All Debloat Methods

Most of users complain how much apps there is come pre-installed when it comes to MIUI. These apps are named as “bloatware”, and so which also slows down your phone. We recently made a guide about how to uninstall them using XiaomiADB tool. But today, we will show you all methods.

Before we start, we need to ensure that Developer Settings & USB Debugging are on. To turn it on, do the following so. If you don’t have PC, you should follow LADB guide.

How to Enable USB Debugging on Xiaomi Devices

How to use ADB without PC | LADB

Debloat Using LADB


In my case, let’s say that I want to uninstall YouTube as it’s installed as system

ladb uninstall

In LADB, run this command:

pm uninstall -k --user 0


“” is where your app’s package name goes into. For example

pm uninstall -k --user 0


ladb uninstalled

And once it says success, it should be uninstalled as shown above.

Debloat Using XiaomiADB Tool

You need your computer to download Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools.
Download the app from the Szaki’s github downloads.
You will probably need Oracle Java to run this application.

Open the application and connect your phone to your computer with a usb cable

Your phone should ask for authorisation click ok to continue

Wait for the app to recognise your phone

Congrats! You’re now ready to get rid of the programs you don’t use. However, you should not delete all of the apps listed below. Some apps are required for your phone to function, and removing them may result in your phone failing to boot into the Android operating system (if this happens you need to wipe your phone to get it working again this means losing all your personal data).

Select the apps you’d like to remove and click the uninstall button at the bottom. You can reinstall apps with the “reinstaller” menu if you unintentionally delete an app you don’t want to delete.

Debloat Using ADB

This is pretty much similar to LADB one, but you use a PC in this one instead.

Install ADB to your PC using our detailed guide.

debloat adb

  • In ADB, run this command: pm uninstall -k --user 0 for example pm uninstall -k --user 0
  • “” is where your app’s package name goes into.
  • After it says success, the app should be uninstalled.

Debloat Using Magisk

You need a phone rooted using Magisk for this.
Also, download this Magisk module.

  • Open Magisk.


  • Enter modules.
  • Tap “Install from storage”


  • Find the module you downloaded.
  • Tap it to flash it.
  • Reboot.

That’s it!

Please keep in mind even after all of the methods above, it might still not work, as Android installs some of them back automatically after boot.

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