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UNISOC T616 Review

With today’s technological developments, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We aimed to give you information about UNISOC T616, one of the intermediate mobile processors from UNISOC that was announced in 2021.

UNISOC T616 Review

Nowadays, in addition to talking to people with our smart phones, we can listen to music, watch movies, play games and easily handle transactions that we can do by going to certain institutions. While doing all these operations, our phone has wheels running in the background. As users, we would like to have information about both the safety of our work and the parts that affect the performance of our device. Among the parts that make up our smartphones, chipsets are one of the parts that significantly affect performance.

UNISOC T616 supports 64 Bit applications and thus can easily use RAM types over 4 GB RAM. It comes with the ARM Mali G57 MP1 GPU. The chipset has 12 nm semiconductor length and 750Mhz GPU Turbo. OpenGL ES version of the set is 3.2 and OpenCL Version is 2. UNISOC T616 has 2x2GHz & 6×1.8GHz CPU speeds and 8 CPU threads. In contrast, the kit has 1MB of L3 cache. The RAM speed of the chipset is 1866 MHz while the DDR memory version is 4. The set has a maximum memory size of 14GB and a maximum memory bandwidth of 14.93GB/s. The EMMC version of the part is 5.1, so devices with this set access memory much faster.

Because the UNISOC T616 chip has an integrated LTE chip, the download speed is higher than 3G technology. The chip has a download speed of 300MBits/s and an upload speed of 100MBits/s. With TrustZone, the chipset makes the device more secure in mobile payments. The set has AES feature that will increase the speed of the device it is used for encryption and decryption. The Geekbench 5 result of the chip is 380 in single, but the Geekbench 5 result in multiple is 1391. These Geekbench 5 results are an important indicator in measuring the processor’s single-core and multi-core performance.

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