UNISOC vs Snapdragon: Entry-level SoC manufacturers

Users are starting to wonder if UNISOC or Snapdragon is better. Well UNISOC vs Snapdragon. Which CPU brand should be preferred? UNISOC, which has made its name with realme phones and 5G technology, confrontations with Snapdragon, which has dominated almost all phones today. UNISOC, which has gradually attracted the attention of Chinese manufacturers and is used in their devices, is becoming popular and making a name for itself.

CPU manufacturers always work on CPUs that offer the best performance. They work for budget/performance compatibility. Users, on the other hand, want maximum efficiency from the phone they buy. So they may want to compare some processor brands.

Union had been around for a long time, but it has recently started to become more popular in the industry, can leave a question mark in the minds of users and users can ask the question “UNISOC or Snapdragon is better” and compare Snapdragon vs UNISOC.

UNISOC vs Snapdragon: What They’re Made For

Snapdragon is the processor series produced by Qualcomm. Today, many phone manufacturers use Snapdragon processors. As a result, the performance-oriented Snapdragon, whose name we have heard quite a lot, is also highly preferred by users. Particularly focused on price/performance, Snapdragon tries to fulfill every need of users by working both game-oriented and processing-oriented. Recently, it has started to produce processors with 5G modems.

When it comes to UNISOC vs Snapdragon, UNISOC now appears as a processor brand that has made a name for itself at least as much as Qualcomm Snapdragon. UNISOC is a company that has a name for itself quite a lot in chipset manufacturing. At the same time, it has made itself known in WAN IoT, LAN, IoT systems and has held the leadership quality in technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. Read this article to learn what UNISOC is and what chips it produces.

Comparison of the Best: UNISOC T770 vs. Snapdragon 888

The UNISOC T770, the first 6nm 5G processor in the world, is the company’s most trusted and currently the most performing processor. Simultaneously, the Snapdragon 888 takes a fairly large market share, leading the flagship phones. Both processors have different features that will attract users. UNISOC vs Snapdragon:

UNISOC T770 vs Snapdragon 888 Features and Geekbench 5.2 Comparison

Snapdragon 888UNISOC T770
Have 5GHave 5G
2.84 GHz CPU Clock Speed2.5Ghz CPU Clock Speed
Adreno™ 660 GPUArm Mali G57
Max Display Resolution: 4K @ 60 Hz, QHD+ @ 144 HzMax Display Resolution: FHD+@120FPS, QHD+@60FPS
GeekBench 5.2: 1135
Single-Core, 3794 Multi-Core
GeekBench 5.2: 656 Single-Core, 2621 Multi-Core

Missions and Goals: UNISOC vs Snapdragon

When we ask about UNISOC vs Snapdragon, it wouldn’t make sense to just talk about the specs. It is necessary to go a little deeper and talk about the goals and missions of both companies.

Unlike Qualcomm, UNISOC focuses on other technologies rather than just mobile CPU manufacturing. It offers products such as processors, WAN IoT, LAN IoT, and Smart Display for smartwatches and smart sound systems. At the same time, it leads the brand in-band technologies. Especially base stations, and broadband products. It is a well-known brand through the processors of its products.

Qualcomm, the manufacturer of Snapdragon processors, is a very active company in wireless communications and telecommunications. Dedicated to new technologies, it has reached a high level in terms of mobile processors thanks to the Snapdragon series. Through the low-end, mid-range, and flagship processors it has developed, the phone world uses Snapdragon a lot. Qualcomm, which also produces chips in every field, also develops car processor technologies.

UNISOC vs Qualcomm, Who Wins?

Objectively, it’s you who have to decide who wins. But the GeekBench results stand out a little more because of its performance-oriented and broader mission. However, it may not make much sense to compare UNISOC directly from the perspective of the sector, as the sector direction is slightly different and it develops more band-oriented technology. In terms of performance, its features and technology make Snapdragon stand out.

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