What is UNISOC? – Is this CPU nice?

You should heard some phones these have UNISOC. But, What is UNISOC? Every moment of focus, every second of effort, every dream of chasing pursuit not only striving for continuous innovation and change but also the future of our life.

In 2013, Unigroup acquired Spreadtrum Communications for USD 1.78 billion. In 2014, Unigroup acquired RDS for USD 907 million. In 2018, Spreadtrum and RDA were fully integrated into UNISOC, and it has more than 4.500 employees and 21 R&D and Customer Support Centers worldwide.

What is UNISOC?

Today, UNISOC has developed into one of the Top 3 baseband chipset suppliers globally, the largest Pan-chip provider in China, and a leading 5G communications chipset design company in China.

In the future, UNISOC will be dedicated to being a leading fabless semiconductor company globally. It stands on the cutting edge of new technology. To take advantage of the times and empower the industry. With the rapid changes in mobile communications and IoT technology, UNISOC has led development through innovation and has always dedicated itself to independent research and development of wireless terminals and IoT solutions.

UNISOC has 8 product lines, 5G smartphones, smartphones, feature phones, smart wear, smart audio, WAN IoT, LAN IoT, and smart display. In our previous article we reviewed UNISOC SC9863 CPU in detail. Covering global high, middle and low-end mobile chipsets and IoT product solutions. In the 2G, 3G, and 4G eras, UNISOC has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Is UNISOC processor good?

You should learn What is UNISOC after reading What is UNISOC article. Entering the 5G era, UNISOC will accelerate its development and strive to be a leading global 5G brand. In 2017, UNISOC successfully completed the interoperability docking tests with Huawei’s 5G prototype base stations. In 2018, UNISOC had thoroughly carried out the third stage of technology research and development to establish a high-end 5G brand and aims to commercialize UNISOC 5G chipsets. With the arrival of the IoT era, UNISOC focuses on IoT market opportunities.

UNISOC focuses on customer service it has a complete product system providing a one-stop testing service for customers? UNISOC was born out of the market, rooted in competition and developing in innovation. UNISOC has won 5 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, applied for more than 3.500 patents, and has core technology patents such as TD-SCDMA, dual SIM dual standby, multi-SIM, and multi-stand-by multi-mode.

Over the years, UNISOC has continued to participate in the planning and implementation of state medium and long-term key scientific programs and has become a strong supporter of Chinese innovation. Possessing strong technological innovation and quality service. UNISOC wins recognition and trust from international customers and partners. Global product shipments have achieved 700 million yearly. UNISOC has hundreds of mainstream customers and 24 global top telecommunication operating partners. UNISOC creates value with professionalism and achieves win-win results with cooperation.

Is this CPU nice?
Is this CPU nice?


This is a new era of SoC, and UNISOC is standing on the global stage, ready to greet and get the attention of the international players. With UNISOC’s new generation of low-power design architecture and AI-based technology, we will see more devices in the future and hear UNISOC’s name.

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