What is MIUI Biometric?

We have a lot of features such as the MIUI Biometric feature of Xiaomi on our smartphones today as smartphones are becoming more and more functional every day. While the first mobile phones that were released to the market did not have many functions other than voice calls. The function that we will be discussing today is MIUI Biometric feature.

What is MIUI Biometric?

The increasing function of mobile phones can also bring security problems to our minds. Since we now use our smartphones for many different tasks with our smartphones, our personal information and data are on our mobile phones. Many of the increasing fraud cases today are caused by the capture of our personal data. One of the data sources of fraudsters is mobile phones at this point.

One of the leading companies in the mobile phone market is Xiaomi. While Xiaomi produces phones with more features every day, it attaches great importance to ensuring the safety of the people who will use their phones. One of the features that Xiaomi has introduced to ensure the security of its smartphones has been the MIUI Biometric application. With this application, which comes with the MIUI, Xiaomi users will be at ease and feel secure with their device locked using fingerprint and face unlock features.

MIUI Biometric application provides notification when the phone’s camera or microphone is used without the knowledge of the phone user. We can detect this notification with the green light on our phone. Thanks to the application, we can prevent those who try to access our information, including suspicious or unlicensed applications, through the phone’s camera or microphone. We can ensure our security at a high level of sensitivity with the MIUI Biometric application, which provides notifications even on the transactions made by us on our phone, including the face scanning system.

When we open and close the lock screen, we can ignore these notifications about the use of camera in face recognition and phone unlocking processes, but when we receive a notification due to a different situation, it will be healthy for our information security to know which application is using our camera or microphone with this feature for our security. If you are very keen on your safety using your phone, you should definitely check out MIUI New “Secure Mode” in MIUI 13; What is it and How it works content.

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