This is what the Joyose App on Xiaomi Phones does! Do you know this app?

MIUI Android skin, especially the China version comes with a lot of bloatware, and users have been struggling to debloat it for quite a while now. Joyose app among MIUI system applications catches the eye while going through the debloat list. Does this app have any use for the system? Does removing it breaks the integrity? Let us explore it!


What is Joyose?

It has been a long wondered question, and the answers weren’t clear so we will make it so for you. Joyose or other name com.xiaomi.joyose is a system app that manages native support for SMS but it is also an essential for gaming and game turbo booster systems. Many have tried removing this app and some encountered issues like not receiving SMS texts on time, or performance issues during games and such. So, it is recommended that you leave this app alone.


Some users have even reported that their device was bricked after removing it. Of course, this does not happen to everyone, but the risk is still there. Therefore, it is better that you focus on other apps for your debloating list.

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