What is X-axis linear motor in mobile phones?

In this post, let’s talk about the X-axis linear motor in mobile phones. The X-axis linear motor is a vibration motor that provides vivid vibration feedback. The purpose of installing a vibration motor on a mobile phone is to emit vibration to notify users that there is information access on the mobile phone, preventing users from missing important notifications when the mobile phone is silent and cannot sense text messages and incoming calls.

In order to provide more realistic vibration feedback for mobile phones, Apple first customized an X-axis linear motor with strong vibration and implemented it in its smartphones. It also applied for the patent license of the same. Similarly, at the Meizu 15 series conference held in April 2018, Meizu announced that it successfully broke the industry monopoly and customized the x-axis linear motor of the same caliber as Apple. After the release, the vibration effect of the Meizu 15 also received huge praises from users which further made the x-axis linear motor a sensation in the smartphone world.

Details about the X-axis linear motor

As the name suggests the X-axis linear motor comes under the umbrella of Linear motors. The term x-axis refers to the direction parallel to the width of the phone. X-axis linear motor has better vibration duration and frequency as compared to other motors.

To understand the X-axis linear motor we first need to know what are linear motors. linear motors are divided into the x-axis and z-axis. The principle of vibration is that the spring-mass produces vibration feedback by working in both directions. Compared with the first two vibration motors, the linear motor has the strongest vibration feedback and the highest cost. At present, the game vibration feedback used in some mainstream mobile phones is basically a linear motor. The vibrating sound of “Dada Dada” comes from here.

Since its release in 2013, the iPhone 5S has had linear motors installed. Why have they become so popular in the past few years you ask? There are two main reasons:

1. Before the release of Meizu 15, there was only one Apple company in the world that used linear motors. The patents involving linear motors were basically applied by Apple, and component suppliers could only supply Apple exclusively.

2. The cost of linear motors is several times that of ordinary rotor motors. In recent years, the mobile phone market has been basically suppressed by low prices. In order to reduce the price of mobile phones, the cost of some non-mainstream components must be reduced. Vibration motors are one of them. Although the cost is almost the same as a few yuan, the millions-level operation mode can save tens of millions of costs by only reducing the cost of a few yuan.

Most phone makers choose a performance to forego these so-called weak vibration experiences. Users who have used linear motor mobile phones and then use ordinary motor mobile phones will feel that the vibration feedback of ordinary motors is the same as that of mobile phones.

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