MIUI 14 Expected Features: Which features and improvements will come?

MIUI always aims to be the best looking and powerful Android UI. MIUI 14 expected features tell that something is needed for these to be real. Millions of people uses MIUI on their smartphones. When Chinese smartphone manufacturer introduced MIUI 12, it significantly improved the user interface. New system animations, design language, live wallpapers and many mind-blowing improvements have been made with MIUI 12. In addition, unfortunately there were optimization problems on low-end smartphones.

Realizing this, Xiaomi released MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 13 versions as optimization versions. To some extent, the problems had subsided. Now, some rumors have emerged shortly before the introduction of new MIUI interface. It is said that MIUI 14 will bring a new design language. Today, we are explaining what cool features we expect MIUI 14 to come with.

MIUI 14 Expected Features

We detected that MIUI 14’s development started 6 months ago. And since then, we also noticed new design language is on the way. Applications such as voice recorder, clock, calculator and compass have been redesigned. New MIUI version will provide the best visual experience. It will also combine useful features. As Xiaomiui, what do we expect from MIUI 14? We’ve rounded up the cool features we’ve been waiting for.

Less system apps on MIUI 14

There were many system applications that users didn’t want. System apps were reduced in past MIUI versions. The number of these system apps will drop to 8 apps with MIUI 14. The information found in Mi Code. Gallery and similar apps can now be uninstalled. You don’t have to use unwanted apps. This must be one of the best features of MIUI.

New useful features

MIUI 14 has been developed based on both Android 12 and Android 13. MIUI 13 was focused on privacy but new MIUI 14 version will focused on features. We expect new features to be added to MIUI with Android 13, with almost 0 new features added since MIUI 12.  The new Material You design language and more sync powers those we expect the most to come.

New design language

We may have talked too much about this. The biggest change of MIUI 14 will be at this point. The UI of many apps has been developed for a long time. UI changes are made according to the wishes of the users. One of the most desired changes is the one-hand usage. Due to the growing size of the phone, users are facing problems while using phones in one hand. Don’t you want to use your smartphones more comfortably? Xiaomi is working to make you happy.

New MIUI 14 logo, which was officially announced in the past days, adopts this. The colorful MIUI 14 logo describes the changes of MIUI 14. The redesigned new MIUI 14 interface will exceed expectations. Applications will change a lot in terms of visuality.

Better Optimization

Google emphasized that Android 13 is a more stable, faster and more fluid operating system while launch of Android 13. These stabilization improvements of Android 13 will directly affect MIUI 14. Xiaomi is slowly going to finish of Android 13 optimization. We always give news about Android 13 update on xiaomiui.net.

MIUI is known as a buggy OS. Android 13 based MIUI 14 is coming to fix known bugs, like every update. Users are requested to have the best MIUI experience and Xiaomi will provide this. New MIUI 14 will be rolled out to users within a month.

New MIUI 14 that we will see on many smartphones in 2023 looks impressive. It will accelerate the devices with its great design and high optimizations. Are you wondering about the MIUI 14 status for the model you are using? Then go for MIUI 14 Eligible Devices and Features article. As the Xiaomiui team, we have announced our expectations from MIUI 14. What are your expectations about the new MIUI 14? What do you think about this interface? Do not forget to share your opinions.

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