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Which one is better Xiaomi or Realme?

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In our days mobile phones are the most common technological devices that help us communicate with each other and do a lot of different stuff. Even though there are very popular brands, not all of them are available for each person since they are usually more expensive. Xiaomi and Realme brands are known for their trustworthy devices and mobile phone series that are cheaper compared to other mobile phone brands. Today in this article, we will talk about these brands and compare each brand’s popular devices between themselves and decide which one is better Xiaomi or Realme?

What is Xiaomi and Realme?

Xiaomi is a corporation which is registered in Asia, China to be specific. Xiaomi Inc. is designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics home appliances and household items. Even though Xiaomi as a brand is active in many technological devices, most people know the brand by their mobile phones.

Xiaomi is using MIUI in their phones. MIUI is basically optimized Android operating system for Xiaomi’s mobile phone users. This factor will have an important role in deciding ‘’which one is better Xiaomi or Realme?”

Realme is the name of the brand that manufacturers smartphones. Realme is registered in China, Shenzen. This brand was first founded as a sub brand of OPPO by Sky Li. In addition, Realme also manufactures other technological devices like smart watches, smart bands, headphones and televisions. Even though Realme isn’t as popular as Xiaomi, the brand still has some good phones that are good to consider buying, and like Xiaomi, Realme’s smartphones are also known for their long-lasting batteries.

Xiaomi or Realme in Smartphone Sector

Both of the brands’ smartphones are very lookalike design-wise and like we said earlier, even though Xiaomi is more popular by some people compared to Realme, Realme still has some good featured smartphones that can be compared with some of the Xiaomi smartphones, and it is also a fact that both brands have less expensive smartphones.

This is a very good side of the brands since some countries have less purchase power compared to others. So, let’s check out some of the smartphones that Xiaomi and Realme put out there and compare them to each other.

Xiaomi Redmi 11T Pro vs Realme GT 2

To start with, there is a couple of advantages in the Xiaomi 11T Pro device regarding the display. The Xiaomi Redmi 11T Pro has got the Dolby vision display, and HDR 10+ display, along with that there is a good speakers. On the other hand, Realme GT2 got the E4 AMOLED panel, which is kind of basic nothing much huge difference you can see.

Regarding the performance, the Snapdragon gated processor it always varies. Both phone has its own operating system and the more update comes, the more chance to become slower these phones.

Coming to the camera, Realme GT2 has got fantastic camera, IMX 766OS, but still Xiaomi has better camera. Both device has 5000mAh battery, and Xiaomi takes 25-30 minutes to full charge, while Realme GT 2 takes 33 minutes. Both phones have great features, and they are almost equal in terms of features, but you can get better performance from Xiaomi. This comparison will be useful for answering the question ‘’Which one is better Xiaomi or Realme?’’

Which one is better Xiaomi or Realme?

Even though only 2 different model comparisons are not enough to give an answer, it is clear that Xiaomi is the winner of ‘’Which one is better Xiaomi or Realme?’’. Just like for every other comparison, it highly depends on the user experience but it is very clear that Xiaomi’s smartphone models have better specs than Realme’s models. In this article, we tried to compare some of the models to decide Which one is better Xiaomi or Realme? As a result, Xiaomi is the winner of this comparison.

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