Which Redmi Phone Has Best Camera?

Like all companies, Xiaomi has its own camera competition. Which Redmi phone has best camera? This is one of the questions in mind. Because Redmi series are cheaper than Mi series. And people want cheap phones with high hardware and camera quality. In this article, you will learn about the camera features of Xiaomi’s latest and best camera Redmi device, the Redmi K50 Pro.

Which Redmi phone has best camera – Redmi K50 Pro

Redmi K50 Pro is a great device not only in terms of camera but with all its features. In camera features, it comes with a 108 MP main camera. And the sensor size of this high resolution camera is 1/1.52 (0.65). The larger the sensor size, the more light the sensor collects. In addition, the pixel size of this camera is 0.7µm. Just like the sensor size, the higher the value, the more light it collects. In short, night photos taken with this device will be great. Let’s take a closer look at the camera features of the device. In addition, the device has 3 different cameras: main, macro, and ultra wide angle.

Which Redmi phone has best camera
Camera of Redmi K50 Pro

Camera specifications of Redmi K50 Pro

  • 108 MP high resolution camera (Samsung S5KHM2), ƒ/ 1.9
  • 8 MP 119° Ultra Wide ange lens (Samsung S5K4H7), ƒ/ 2.2
  • 2 MP Macro lens (GalaxyCore GC02M1), ƒ/ 2.4
  • 20 MP selfie camera
  • 0.7μm pixel size
  • 1/1.52 sensor size
  • 4K@30, 1080@30/60/120, 720@960 video recording
  • OIS (Optic Image Stabilizer)

Samsung sensor with 108 MP resolution is used in the main camera. This sensor is generally more suitable for landscape etc. It is also suitable for other types of shooting (animals etc.), but you will notice that landscape photos come out much clearer. And as mentioned above, the sensor and pixel sizes in the camera will make your night shots much brighter. The downside of this all-round great camera is that 4K videos can be recorded with a maximum of 30FPS. On the front camera side, 20 MP, Sony’s IMX 596 lens used. The front camera also does not have 60 FPS video recording. capped at 1080@30. With the optical image stabilizer, you can shoot virtually shake-free videos. Although it does not have 4K@60 support for video, it stands out with OIS support.

Some photo exapmles from Redmi K50 Pro

Here are the camera samples of the Redmi K50 Pro

As you can see, the low-light performance of the device and daytime shots are both very good. If you are someone who likes to take pictures, this device is for you. And now Which Redmi phone has best camera? you know the answer of the question. Also if you want to know Redmi K50 Pro’s display features, follow this article.

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