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Why are Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO Separated Brands?

Redmi and POCO are separated as sub-brands of Xiaomi. So why? They can also release the same devices under the name Xiaomi. So why do they follow such a roadmap?

Xiaomi sub-brands Redmi and POCO are still connected, even though they seem to be separated from Xiaomi now. Redmi and POCO brands were sub-brands that produced devices under the Xiaomi company. The first decision to leave in 2019 came from Redmi. In 2020, POCO decided to leave with Xiaomi. There are certain reasons for this.

Overgrowing Sub-brands

Redmi and POCO, a small brand under Xiaomi, became more popular day by day. Well, keeping big brands under one roof will cause difficulties in management. That’s why their decision to leave seems logical.

Xiaomi Global Vice President Manu Kumar Jain’s tweet confirming that.

In this way, leaving brands will be managed more easily. More robust policies will be followed. It’s logical.

Different audiences, different segment devices!

Xiaomi (formerly called “Mi”) Series

As you know, these three brands actually appeal to different audiences. Mi series (“Mi” word was removed in 2021. Now only Xiaomi) the main series of Xiaomi, targets premium and flagship devices.

Xiaomi devices are of higher quality than Redmi and POCO devices. There is no low segment Xiaomi series device. Xiaomi always releases a flagship device and its “Pro / Ultra” model with a better battery and camera. Also available in “Lite” model with lighter SoC.

The main goal of the Xiaomi series is to produce a flagship series once a year, like other phone brands.

POCO Series

POCO brand, on the other hand, targets cheap entry-level (C series), cheap mid-range (X and M series) and cheap upper-segment (F series) devices.

You probably know that POCO devices are mostly clones of Redmi devices.

Yes, POCO devices are actually Redmi. It’s prepared by the Redmi team. While preparing, it is prepared under the “HM” code. HM means “Hongmi” and it means Redmi. That’s why they aren’t sold in China because the same device is already available in the Redmi series. POCO X series is also produced by Redmi but not in Redmi series.

POCO series devices mostly appeal to mobile gamers. Most POCO devices have high screen-refresh rate, flagship SoC. But because it’s cheap, material quality is low.

Redmi Series

Every option is available in the Redmi brand, it has a very wide range. It appeals to all segments.

Only Redmi series is low-budget and low segment device. It comes with cheap materials and low hardware.
Redmi Note series are performance mid-range devices. It comes with a high screen refresh rate and mid-range hardware. And Redmi K series are flagship Redmi devices. It’s fully high-range equipped and comes with flagship SoC.

In short, the Redmi series devices appeal to every budget and every purpose.

This is the main reason why Redmi and POCO split from Xiaomi. Xiaomi (formerly called “Mi”) series devices are generally better quality, premium and flagship. The other 2 brands are trying to appeal to every audience. It is trying to release devices in every segment, cheaper.

Actually, this isn’t the first time.

Yes. Most companies we know do this.

Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo, iQOO and Realme are brands of BBK Electronics. Nubia and Red Magic is a sub-brands of ZTE.

Companies seem determined to follow this sales policy. In this way, it will be easier to appeal to different audiences and easier to advertize devices before releasing. There will be no devices in the background and all devices will deserve to be in demand. It’s good tactic.

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