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Why do MIUI Apps have ads?

MIUI is a custom android firmware. It has been developed by Xiaomi, one of the leading smartphone companies in China. MIUI offers users several features not found on stock Android versions or other Chinese variants of Android, like support for multiple languages and themes (including Indian languages), as well as additional tweaks that improve performance and battery life. It has been steadily growing in popularity over the years, and at some point as a result, they have decided to start advertising with their software.

Why Do MIUI Apps Have Ads?

The history involving that MIUI Apps have ads is a long one, as they have been there for years and evolved over time to become more annoying for the users. In the past, ads were limited to the lock screen, but as user demand increased, MIUI decided to move them to the home screen and other parts of the software. Today, ads are present in a variety of places, and some people feel that they are intrusive and annoying, while others find them useful and helpful. Many people are not happy about the fact that MIUI apps have ads in them either way, as they feel that the ads get in the way and are generally annoying.

However, MIUI believes that the fact that MIUI apps have ads are an essential part of their business model, as they can help them to generate more revenue. MIUI ads are controversial, as many people feel are irritated by it. However, MIUI heavily relies on ads, both banner ads and video ads, to fund its development and continue offering new features to users free of charge, and as a result, they will continue to use them. If you wish to get rid of these annoying and intrusive apps, How to remove ads on Xiaomi Phones! will be very helpful to you.

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