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How to remove ads on Xiaomi Phones!

MIUI has been a nest for ads for quite a while now and it’s been a major concern for many users to remove ads on Xiaomi devices. Today, we are going to help you get rid of these ads on Xiaomi devices in two methods and explain why they exist in the first place.

Why is Xiaomi using ads on MIUI?

MIUI, the beloved ROM powering millions of devices in the Chinese market, is a ROM with ads. Compared to other ROMs on the market, MIUI’s ROM has ads because it is focused on the Chinese market and the developer team has determined that ads are an important part of the ROM. Advertisements provide a source of revenue for the company, and they allow us to keep our devices at lower cost ratio. However, no sane user would be comfortable with ads running around in the system applications and so, people look for ways to remove ads on Xiaomi devices.

How do I remove ads on Xiaomi?

Getting rid of these annoying apps unfortunately requires disabling them one by one on each app, however, once you have done all these steps, your Xiaomi device will be ad-free! There are other ways to be free of these ads as well of course, but that requires an advanced knowledge in Android and includes certain risks. If you still wish to know about it, we will mention it at the end of this content. Let us get into the list of apps and steps to disable the ads in them.

Disable MSA App

This is a system application in your device that stands for MIUI System Ads, which is pretty ironic. Disabling this app should help get rid of many of the issues in your device.

In order to disable ads on MSA app:

  • Open Settings
  • Go into Additional settings
  • Click on Authorization & revocation
  • Find msa and turn it off.

Remove Personal Ad Recommendations

In order to disable personal ad recommendations:

  • Open Mi Security app
  • Tap on settings icon at top-right corner
  • Turn off Receive recommendations
  • Go back to main settings screen
  • Select Cleaner and turn it off as well

Remove ads in Mi Music

In order to disable the ads in Mi Music

  • Open Mi Music app
  • Select Settings in the top-left hamburger menu
  • Open Advanced settings
  • Turn off Receive recommendations

Remove ads in Mi Video

In order to disable the ads in Mi Video:

  • Open Mi Video app
  • Open Account menu
  • Open Settings
  • Turn off Online recommendations
  • Turn off Push notifications

Remove ads in Mi File Manager

In order to disable the ads in Mi File Manager:

  • Open Mi File Manager app
  • Select Settings in the top-left hamburger menu
  • Open About
  • Turn off Recommendations

Remove ads in Downloads

In order to disable the ads in Downloads:

    • Select Settings in the top-left hamburger menu
    • Turn off Show recommended content

Remove ads in Mi Browser

In order to disable the ads in Mi Browser:

  • Open Mi Browser app
  • Tap on the bottom-right hamburger and select Settings
  • Select Privacy & security
  • Turn off Personalized services

Remove ads in Folders

In order to disable the ads in folders:

  • Select the folder where you want to disable the ads
  • Tap on the folder name
  • Turn off the Promoted apps section if it appears

Remove ads in MIUI Themes

In order to disable the ads in Themes:

  • Open MIUI Themes app
  • Open My page menu
  • Select Settings
  • Turn off Recommendations

That’s a lot of ads, but eventually you can get rid of them this way.

How do I remove ads on Xiaomi in a more simpler way?

If you do not wish to deal with them this way, there may be certain modified stock ROMs for your device that gets rid of these annoying ads for you. These ROMs are most of the time built on MIUI China stable or beta versions and contain a lot of extra features and less bloatware. However, flashing these ROMs might be difficult for a beginner as it requires unlocking bootloader, flashing custom recovery and dealing with installation errors if occurs any.

If you know enough to perform this process or have someone helping you through it however, you will certainly get the benefit of this method. If you need a place to start, start by checking out our How to Install TWRP on Xiaomi Phones? content and consult to your device development groups on Telegram.

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