Xiaomi 12 Android 13 Update: Released for Global and EEA [Updated: 24 December 2022]

We have published a lot of news about the new MIUI version based on Android 13 on the website. The new Android 13 based MIUI version, which will be presented to users with significant improvements, is very curious. Xiaomi is testing the new Android 13-based MIUI version for most of its smartphones. We mentioned that the first Xiaomi 12 series will receive the new Android version.

Android 13-based MIUI beta updates have been released to Xiaomi 12 series models many times before. Now we have an important surprise for those who use these models. Xiaomi has recently prepared the new stable Xiaomi 12 / Pro Android 13 based MIUI update. It will be rolled out to all users very soon. The first released Android 13 based MIUI update has unfortunately been rollback. Xiaomi continues to work in order not to upset its users. Xiaomi 12 / Pro is one of the most current flagship models. These models will be the first Xiaomi smartphones to receive the new Android 13-based stable MIUI update. The new Android version will come with excellent features. If you want to know more, keep reading our article!

New Xiaomi 12 / Pro Android 13 Update [Updated: 24 December 2022]

Xiaomi 12 / Pro are flagship smartphones released in December of 2021. The impressive design includes high-quality camera sensors and a powerful chipset. The current versions of models are V13.2.1.0.TLBMIXM, V13.2.6.0.TLBEUXM, V13.2.3.0.TLCMIXM and V13.2.6.0.TLCEUXM. Over time, a new Android 13 version has been introduced and brands are making an effort to adapt this new Android version to their devices. One of these brands is Xiaomi.

It is testing the Android 13 update for more than 30 smartphones. The first released Android 13-based MIUI updates were rolled back due to some bugs. Xiaomi has prepared new updates to make users happy. We said that the stable new Xiaomi 12 Android 13 based MIUI update is ready and coming soon. As of today, Xiaomi 12 received the new Android 13 update in EEA and Global.

Builds of the first Xiaomi 12 Android 13 update are V13.2.1.0.TLCMIXM and V13.2.4.0.TLCEUXM. These updates were rollback due to some bugs. Xiaomi started testing new updates after a certain period of time. Android 13 based MIUI update for Xiaomi 12 / Pro will be available to all users very soon. Users will start to experience the new Android version.

The build number of the newly prepared Xiaomi 12 Android 13 based MIUI updates are V13.2.6.0.TLCEUXM and V13.2.3.0.TLCMIXM. These builds were released to users in EEA and Global regions. Now let’s examine the changelog of updates.

New Xiaomi 12 Android 13 Update Global and EEA Changelog

As of 24 December 2022, The changelog of the new Xiaomi 12 Android 13 update released for the Global and EEA region is provided by Xiaomi.


  • Updated Android Security Patch to November 2022. Increased system security.
  • Stable MIUI based on Android 13
  • Your device will be upgraded to the new version of Android. Don’t forget to back up all important items before upgrading. The update process might take longer than usual. Expect overheating and other performance issues after you update – it might take some time for your device to adapt to the new version. Remember that some third-party apps aren’t yet compatible with Android 13 and you might not be able to use them normally. Thanks for your continued support.

Where can download the new Xiaomi 12 / Pro Android 13 update?

It will bring many unimaginable improvements and provide you with a wonderful experience. The new Xiaomi 12 Android 13 update is available to Mi Pilots first. If no bugs are found, it will be accessible to all users. You will be able to download the Xiaomi 12 / Pro Android 13 update via MIUI Downloader. In addition, with this application, you will have a chance to experience the hidden features of MIUI while learning the news about your device. Click here to access MIUI Downloader. We have come to the end of our news about the new Xiaomi 12 / Pro Android 13 update. Do not forget to follow us for such news.

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