Xiaomi 12T Pro with 200 MP camera tested by DxOMark, ranks 18th among the smartphones

With its 200 MP camera, the Xiaomi 12T Pro managed to gain attention when it was unveiled this month. Xiaomi is one of the first companies to employ the 200 MP camera on their devices. The 200 MP camera sensor was previously used by Motorola in its phone which is also released in this year.

Xiaomi 12T Pro has three cameras in total, but regrettably none of them is a telephoto camera. Xiaomi stated before the phone was released that the 200 MP sensor will eliminate the need for telephoto camera in advertisements.

Xiaomi 12T Pro cameras

  • Main camera: 200MP 1/1.22″ sensor, f/1.7 PDAF, OIS
  • Ultra wide camera: 8MP 1/4.0″sensor, f/2.2
  • Macro camera: 2MP, f/2.4 aperture lens

Xiaomi 12T Pro DxOMark test results

While testing the phones, DxOMark also makes comparisons with other phones. As a result, the difference between it and other phones become much more obvious. Here’s a shot taken on main camera of Xiaomi 12T Pro and Galaxy S22.

Although the sharpness of the two images is nearly identical, Samsung’s dynamic range appears better. Clouds are absolutely white on the Xiaomi 12T Pro, however they are visible on the S22.

Xiaomi 12T Pro has a 1/4.0″ ultra wide camera. This camera with a resolution of 8 MP performs quite poorly in low light.  Here is the Galaxy S22 and Xiaomi 12T Pro shots side by side.

Even more of a difference is visible when you slightly zoom in on the image. The face on the Xiaomi 12T Pro is undetailed, and the woman’s hair looks way softer than S22. Although the Xiaomi 12T Pro is not a cheap device, Xiaomi did not include a particularly good ultra wide angle camera. (Left Xiaomi 12T Pro, Right Galaxy S22)

And here’s a frame taken from a video. Xiaomi 12T Pro manages noise better than the Xiaomi 12 Pro during a video recording.

This image has also been digitally zoomed in. As you can see, the noise level on the 12T Pro is substantially lower while the noise is noticeable on the 12 Pro image. (Left Xiaomi 12T Pro, Right Xiaomi 12 Pro)

DxOMark has also released a list showing pros and cons of Xiaomi 12T Pro. You can get detailed information on DxOMark’s official website.


  • Good exposure and nice color
  • Good detail in bright light and under indoor conditions
  • Decent detail and good exposure in flash shots
  • Good detail in close range tele zoom shots in bright light and indoors
  • Good exposure and wide dynamic range in video
  • Very good texture/noise trade-off in video, even in low light
  • Effective video stabilization


  • Limited dynamic range
  • Artifacts, including ghosting, halo and hue shift
  • Underexposure in night shots
  • More limited dynamic range in preview than in capture
  • Lack of detail in ultra-wide shots
  • Abrupt exposure changes in video, especially when face is detected
  • Video white balance overshoots when panning
  • Autofocus failures and pumping in video, especially in low light
  • Inconsistent sharpness with camera motion in video mode, especially in low light and indoors

You can read the full test result on DxOMark’s official website. Click this link to learn more about Xiaomi 12T Pro’s cameras including video tests.

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