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Xiaomi 13 Ultra to be launched this month globally!

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Xiaomi 12S Ultra and all previous “Ultra” models have remained as a China exclusive, but we have already shared with you that Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be introduced globally. Read our previous article here: Xiaomi 13 Ultra Leaks: Latest MIUI leaks hints its release date! [Updated: 7 February 2023]

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Leica announced on its official Twitter account that Xiaomi 13 Ultra has a unique camera setup that has never been seen before. We know that Xiaomi 13 Pro has a “floating lens” on the telephoto camera and Xiaomi 13 Ultra will bring even more. Leica teased the Xiaomi 13 Ultra with “See you this month!” on their Twitter post.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra will feature Leica’s latest “Summicron” lens. Without a doubt, we can assert that Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be released sometime this month. The information we came across in MIUI code indicated Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be released globally as well.

In Singapore, Xiaomi 13 Ultra is listed with 2304FPN6DG model number on IMDA certification. There is hardly any information regarding the phone’s specifications, but this is further confirmation that the device will be available in the global market. According to a tech blogger on Twitter, Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be available in: CN, Global, EEA, RU, Taiwan but unfortunately it won’t be available in India, Indonesia, Turkey and Japan regions.

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