Xiaomi 14 raises the bar with 12 GB RAM on the base model

Xiaomi 14 hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but a lot of information has already surfaced regarding the Xiaomi 14 series. One of the most important things in smartphones are the amount of storage and RAM. The base configuration of flagship phones has featured 8 GB of RAM for a long time. From Mi 10 up to Xiaomi 13, these phones all came with 8 GB RAM base, meaning Xiaomi has been offering their flagship phones with 8 GB RAM for the past three years. There’s a new rumor indicating that this pattern will change with Xiaomi 14.

The base variant of Xiaomi 14 series will now come with 12 GB RAM instead of 8 GB. This is a significant development because users will no longer have to pay extra for more performance. Rumors indicate that the minimum RAM capacity will be 12 GB, but there is no information available yet regarding the storage capacity. The phones could be introduced as 12 GB + 128 GB or 12 GB + 256 GB configurations.

Given that Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is a potent chipset, setting the 12 GB of RAM as the new standard is a quite reasonable decision. However, even though Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is also a powerful processor, both Galaxy S23 and Xiaomi 13 were introduced with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage as their base configurations. In fact, models with 256 GB or more storage offered the UFS 4.0 storage unit, while the 128 GB variant employed UFS 3.1.

As mentioned earlier, the prevailing rumor is that 12 GB of RAM will become the new standard, but there is no information available concerning storage capacity. Whether smartphone manufacturers will opt for a 12 GB + 128 GB base variant to encourage additional storage sales or whether they will offer 256 GB of storage as standard alongside 12 GB of RAM will be revealed when the 2024 smartphones released. Additionally, Xiaomi 14 series is expected to be unveiled in 2023, with a launch expected between October and November.

Source: MyDrivers

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