Xiaomi launches beverage dispenser for hot/cold drinks!

On March 26, Xiaomi unveiled its new cold/hot beverage dispenser machine with a 6-stage filter that can hold cold liquids at a temperature of 5-15 degrees as well as hot products. Since the new product has a power of 2100 W, it can complete the heating process in about 3 seconds. With the new beverage dispenser from Xiaomi you can drink any drink you want!

The product offers many possibilities and advantages for users. You can get chilled water up to 5 degrees and hot water quickly in 3 seconds. The professional RO filter function of Xiaomi Mijia drink dispenser filters and presents your drink for incredible cleanliness. As an extra, it comes with anti-bacterial UV protection so your drinks stay as fresh as ever.

Xiaomi Mijia beverage dispenser

The water that goes through the filtration process and the water that does not go through the filtration process are kept in separate tanks. There are two water tanks in the Xiaomi Mijia beverage dispenser. Also, there is no way to mix hot and cold water because there are two different outlet channels for hot and cold water.

The product can deliver cold water between 5 degrees and 15 degrees and hot water between 40 degrees and 95 degrees. Through the OLED screen of the Xiaomi Mijia beverage dispenser, you can make many settings yourself, such as the heat setting and pouring drinks. You have the option to operate not only via the OLED screen, but also via the phone app.

Xiaomi Mijia beverage dispenser

How healthy is the filtration process on Xiaomi beverage dispenser?

The 6-stage dual-core depth filtration takes care of your health. Xiaomi Mijia beverage dispenser is equipped with RO reverse osmosis, and the filtration accuracy is up to 1/10,000 micron (0.0001pm). In this way, factors such as heavy metals, bacteria, lime and natural impurities are removed, so you can drink clean water. You can replace the filters of the Xiaomi Mijia beverage dispenser yourself. You only need to change the filters once a year and it is very cheap. The PPC composite filter costs 109 yuan and the reverse osmosis filter costs 249 yuan.

Xiaomi Mijia beverage dispenser

The product is only available in the Chinese market. Since it is not sold globally, you have to buy it from Chinese shopping sites. You can buy the Xiaomi Mijia drink dispenser starting at 2499 yuan. You should definitely buy the Xiaomi Mijia drink dispenser to drink clean and hygienic water!

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