Xiaomi loses top spot as Spain’s top smartphone brand because of weird reason

Finally, Xiaomi loses top spot as Spain’s #1 smartphone vendor, and MIUI is most likely to blame, alongside other factors like Samsung’s newer budget phones being decent and the brand finally proving themselves to be more budget friendly, and more. Let’s have a look at the charts and talk more about it.

Xiaomi loses top spot – charts, reasons & more

Xiaomi has been Spain’s top smartphone vendor for a while now, and due to reasons like abandoning fairly recent phones, and MIUI being a complete mess on some of their budget devices, according to XiaomiAdictos.com, they have lost that spot, at a baffling 26% loss of marketshare, and with that Samsung has regained the #1 smartphone vendor spot in Spain. Behind both Xiaomi and Samsung, we see Apple at 15% marketshare, and after them we brands like OPPO and realme, with the latter gaining a %223 percent increase.

This massive fall in marketshare is most likely due to MIUI being a complete and utter mess on some devices, mostly budget and midrange devices. Xiaomi has been really bad at resolving issues with MIUI recently, and this plays a big part in users complaining and switching devices. There’s also the support factor, which Xiaomi is horrible at when it comes to semi-recent and still used devices, which they rarely support.

Examples for MIUI, and well, Xiaomi software in general being a mess include things like unstable OS experiences and system-wide ads. These kinds of things might not affect people who use their phones for custom ROMs, rooting and more, but for the end user it’s a big deal which will lead to loss of marketshare.

Other factors include things like Samsung’s recent budget midrange phones being great deals when it comes to price to performance ratios, and OPPO and Realme slowly being more prominent in the market as well. Therefore, new players emerge in the market, and Xiaomi loses more of it’s marketshare.

(via: Canalys, XiaomiAdictos)

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