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Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L: Powerful refrigerator with a large storage capacity

Xiaomi has launched some amazing refrigerators under the Mijia sub-brand. The Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L is one of them. This refrigerator comes with side doors and a huge storage capacity. The Mijia refrigerator offers intelligent cooling and can also be controlled via Mijia smart home app. Let’s take a look at its features and pricing.

Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L features

The Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L comes with a large 540L storage capacity. It is in fact Xiaomi’s one of the largest capacity refrigerators. It is ideal for households that need to keep the fridge stuffed with food items and beverages. The refrigerator’s main compartment is 351L, and the freezer compartment is 189L.

If we talk about the design and appearance, the Mijia refrigerator comes with a simple and minimalist design. The fridge comes in a single gray color option. It also has a small interactive display on the left door to help operate the fridge easily. The thickness of the Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L is only 660mm which makes it easy to fit cabinets and kitchen spaces.

The Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L has built-in double-row straight opening drawers that can be used to store food items like meat and vegetables separately to avoid leakage and smell. The refrigerator has 8 built-in door compartments. Moreover, the height of the shelves can be adjusted, and it can also be used to keep large pots.

The Mijia Internet door-to-door refrigerator 540L adopts air-cooling to reduce frost build-up. The refrigerator adopts a double frequency conversion unit which results in power consumption as low as 0.96kWh/24h. The running noise of the refrigerator is 39dB which is very low compared to the traditional models. Its freezing capacity is 7Kg/12h. The refrigerator also meets first-class energy efficiency standards.

The refrigerator is equipped with 4 smart temperature sensors which let users adjust the temperature according to their needs and also according to the required temperatures of different food items.

Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L Price

The Xiaomi Mijia Internet Refrigerator 540L comes at an affordable price of 2899 yuan which is approx. $430. The price is low if you compare it with other side-door refrigerators available in the market. This model is available for sale in China through the Xiaomi Youpin website.

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