Xiaomi patents for a “Wearable Devices Summoning Vehicles”

Xiaomi has patented a new “Wearable Devices Summoning Vehicles” on the Chinese State Intellectual Property. The patent was made under the publication number CN114368357A. It is possibly related to wearable devices and smart vehicles. The patent also confirms multiple uses of the product such as; Controlling the vehicle, Navigating it and Controlling it throughout the destination. 

What Xiaomi’s Wearable Devices Summoning Vehicles can do?

According to the patent, the device can be used to remotely control vehicles, more specifically, it can be used for the following: Control the vehicle to pre-start after receiving the wake-up command from the smart wearable device. Create a navigation route based on the target position sent by the smart wearable device and direct the vehicle to follow the navigation route to the destination.

It’s said to be a wearable device that can control the vehicle to which it’s linked remotely. The patent also confirms that the vehicle can respond to the received wake-up command remotely sent by the smart wearable device, that the user can remotely control the vehicle to start, and that the vehicle can generate navigation based on the target position sent by the smart wearable device. When compared to the user going to the vehicle’s location by himself, it can effectively avoid time waste and bring convenience to the user’s travel.

Apart from that, the patent does not confirm anything, but it is a strong indication that the company is working on its upcoming smart vehicles, which can be paired with the company’s own products to form a complete ecosystem. We don’t have any official confirmation on this either, so we’ll have to wait for the product to become official or for the company to comment before making a public announcement. Because the patent can only provide us with a hint, nothing more.

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