Xiaomi reveals Daniel Arsham Edition of Xiaomi 12T Pro!

Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition, the company’s most recent international model, features a distinctive appearance thanks to a collaboration with Daniel Arsham.

The partnership, which is geared toward an imagined future of digital dematerialization, is inspired by Daniel Arsham’s zeitgeist in a vision of fictional archaeology and driven by Xiaomi’s core values of innovation, design, and production.

Xiaomi 12T series was released in this year. Xiaomi 12T Pro is currently available in three different colors (black, silver, blue) and yet Xiaomi is about to release a custom edition of Xiaomi 12T Pro.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition

There will only be 2000 units of custom Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition available in Europe. It will be sold through online stores at highsnobiety.com and  mi.com, and in a pop-up shop in Berlin run by Xiaomi and Daniel Arsham from December 16 to December 17.

This custom edition of Xiaomi 12T Pro will come with a customized charger as well. Xiaomi 12T Pro supports 120W fast charging. It will also come with a custom theme applied on top of MIUI. Here are the quotes by Xiaomi and Daniel Arsham.

“I’m always interested in bringing my work into arenas outside the typical artworld scenario. I approached the Xiaomi 12T Pro as a sculpture with a purpose outside of it as a functional object; in 20 years people who have this phone will no longer use it as a phone but as a sculptural object, linked to a particular moment in time and carrying it beyond its functionality.”

Daniel Arsham

“Daniel’s work often plays with the concept of time, both future and history. As a company with innovation at its core, time is our most valued asset, and it is what we are willing to exchange for quality and technology. This collaboration is not only a smartphone, but advanced technology used to actualize the artist’s design. We believe it will be an exciting product for people today, and remain an interesting and collectible piece for decades to come.”


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