Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T: Super Strong Cleaning

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T is Xiaomi’s improved robot vacuum. According to Xiaomi, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T offers super strong cleaning. In this robot vacuum, Xiaomi improved the problems of the robot vacuum series. The rest of the article is waiting for you for detailed information about the product!

These are the main features of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T:

  • Tangle-free, powerful fan blower
  • Patented anti-tangle technology
  • 8000Pa high vacuum fan blower
  • 5200mAh large battery capacity
  • 3 water volume settings
  • 450ml quick-opening dustbin
  • 250ml electronically controlled water tank

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T Features

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T is equipped with patented anti-tangle technology. This technology automatically cuts hair with no need for manual removal. This robot has a high-speed DC brushless motor with a fan blower up to 8000Pa. This motor easily vacuumed dust particles and pets’ hair. Old robot vacuum models, make a connection between the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and robot vacuum. Xiaomi solved this problem with this product. You can quickly connect the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app when you place your mobile phone near it.

In this robot vacuum, Xiaomi equipped the product with the new-generation LDS laser navigation system. It can survey the complex environment of the entire home 360° round. The robot vacuum is empowered by a quad-core chip and SLAM algorithm. It easily cleans rooms with different layouts thanks to its real-time precise positioning. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T has a 5200mAh high-capacity battery. It can finish a large area of up to 180m² cleaning in one go thanks to its battery.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T Design

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T is designed with a dustbin capacity of up to 450ml. It is designed to be pulled out at the rear for a quick opening of the dustbin. There is no need for frequent emptying thanks to its large dustbin capacity. It has a 250ml sizeable water tank. It also has a big pad made of microfibres for good water absorption. It offers better mopping thanks to its microfibres pad.

The body of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T is equipped with 18 high-performance sensors overall. These sensors make the main unit more sensitive. The robot vacuum has a strong obstacle-crossing capability. It can cross obstacles up to 2cm high. It has also equipped with washable accessories. You can wash the roller brush, filter, and dustbin. There is no need to be replaced frequently thanks to the part being washable.

After the other robot vacuum mops, Xiaomi improved the robot vacuum series. It has been an important step to solve problems such as mapping takes a long time. It is also equipped with an 8000Pa high vacuum fan blower and 5200mAh large battery capacity. These technical details are important for strong cleaning. If you have tried the product or are thinking of trying it, let’s meet in the comments!

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