Xiaomi sells 300 million Redmi Note smartphone units globally

We know that the Redmi Note series is quite popular around the world. Xiaomi is to have a new milestone, Xiaomi shipped 300 million smartphones among Redmi Note series globally.

Many Redmi Note phones promise good features while remaining reasonably priced. For example, the Redmi Note 11 Pro series has fast charging support, while Redmi Note 12 Pro series has OIS on the main camera. The camera was mostly remained in the background on previous Redmi series, and many Redmi Note phones lacked OIS.

With that being said, Redmi Note phones are becoming more and more comparable to flagship devices despite being more reasonably priced. Redmi Note series was already expected to have good sale rates. Additionally, both Europe and Asia have easy access to Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi is quite popular in India. Xiaomi has factories in India and a fairly large number of users.

Xiaomi confirms they shipped 72 million Redmi Note smartphones for India. Considering that the total amount sold globally is 300 million, it is quite interesting that it has sold 72 million in India alone.

Redmi India team shared on Twitter that 300 million units of Redmi Note phones were sold globally. The tweet can be found at the link from here. Despite the fact that Xiaomi sells in numerous countries, not all of them have a Mi Store yet. We anticipate that as the number of Mi Stores expands overseas and the quality of after-sales service support improves, this number of sales will keep rising.

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