Xiaomi Smart TV to be launched soon in India may come with Amazon’s Fire OS

As you know, Xiaomi Smart TV is Xiaomi’s smart TV product that broke sales records in India. A new Xiaomi Smart TV product will be introduced soon and a teaser about product has been shared on Xiaomi TV India Twitter account. Post is remarkable because it’s claimed that product will comes Amazon’s Fire OS within scope of Amazon partnership. Usually Xiaomi Smart TV products came with Android TV OS, except Xiaomi F2 Fire TV.

Xiaomi Smart TV is probably running Fire OS

Fire OS is an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based operating system developed by Amazon and used in its own products, usually phones, tablets and smart TVs. Xiaomi F2 Fire TV product, which was introduced last year in cooperation with Amazon and Xiaomi, came with this OS. Xiaomi Smart TV models, which will be introduced soon, are also likely to come with Fire OS. There is no explanation in this direction, of course, but only the teaser gives a clue.

It has been confirmed that Xiaomi’s upcoming Smart TV will be available on Amazon. User interface of Xiaomi Smart TV in tweet looks more like Fire OS than Android TV OS. In addition, image in tweet shared by Xiaomi TV India “Who says entertainment can’t be fiery?” There is a slogan like, most likely Fire OS reference. Coming with Fire OS will offer users a different experience. Fire OS is based on AOSP but Google Mobile Services (GMS) is not available. So Google Play and other Google apps do not come prebuilt.

There is no explanation about Xiaomi Smart TV, which will be introduced soon, and we cannot convey its hardware specifications to you at the moment. However, Xiaomi will make a statement about this in the near future and we will deliver it to you. So, stay tuned for updates.

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