Xiaomi sold 300,000 units of Redmi 12 series in just 3 days!

Xiaomi has recently revealed Redmi 12 series in India on August 1, with 300,000 units already sold until today! The series includes two models: Redmi 12 4G and Redmi 12 5G.

Redmi 12 series reached 300,000 units of sale in India within 3 days

Xiaomi unveiled the Redmi 12 series for India on August 1st, these phones are not the ones with beefy specs but it seems that Indian people are quite satisfied with the Redmi 12 series, there is one thing that makes Redmi 12 series attractive and that is, the price. Redmi 12 series hit 300,000 units of sale in India within 3 days.

Redmi 12 4G can be classified as an entry level device, and its 5G counterpart, Redmi 12 5G also falls into the same device category. They differ mainly in terms of their chipsets and camera setups. Redmi 12 4G is equipped with a MediaTek Helio G88 chipset, while Redmi 12 5G features a Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 chipset.

One of the main selling points of Redmi 12 series is the affordability. The base variant of Redmi 12 4G is priced at ₹9,999, and Redmi 12 5G’s base variant costs ₹11,999. Additionally, users in India can enjoy a special bank discount of ₹1,000.

For users seeking a phone that can handle daily tasks with ease, both Redmi 12 4G and Redmi 12 5G are good options. If you want to explore all the features, pricing and more about these devices, you can refer to our previous article here: Redmi 12 series launched in India, everything here including specs and price

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