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Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play: Clock, Speaker, Alarm and More

From the first Xiaoai Smart Speaker to the Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play, dozens of products have been launched continuously. With an intelligent voice assistant and Xiaomi’s powerful ecosystem, Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play occupies a significant market share in the current smart speaker market, and nowadays, families are beginning to use smart home devices.

These smart home devices improve the quality of life and bring convenience to our lives. At first glance, Xiaomi Xiaoai Play may be just a home voice assistant for listening to news and asking about the traffic, but now Xiaomi Speakers have proved themselves as smart housekeeper, and their products are more than that. We also reviewed other Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play products in our previous article, if you want to check out click here.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro: A Great Addition to Any Home

Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play Enhanced Edition

The new version of Xiaomi Speaker Play Enhanced Edition has a new LED clock display function that supports voice setting alarms, adaptive brightness adjustment, setting countdown, reminders, and other functions by a voice remote control. The built-in infrared transmitter module with the Xiaoai Classmate intelligent voice can realize the voices of 6000+ brands of home appliances. The stability of the Bluetooth mesh gateway has also been optimized. Thanks to Mi Eco, you can listen to music, audiobooks, stories and learn English.


If we look at the Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play Enhanced Edition, we will see that Xiaomi continues the design of the original Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Speaker but replaces the Xiaomi brand logo. The front of the Enhanced Edition is displayed in a large area, and you can see they left a space for the LED clock on the front. The accessories coming with the speaker are a power adapter and product manual. The power adapter uses a DC interface as before in the previous generation, and the cord is about 1 meter long.


There are four buttons at the top of the speaker, including adjusting volume, microphone switch, and pause-playback. There is also an indicator light in the middle of the function button, and the four circular openings are distributed around for the microphone to pick up sound and detect the brightness of the environment.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, they improved a lot. Sound holes on the speakers are distributed around the area, and a 360 degrees sound guide cone design is adopted. The Xiaomi Speaker Play Enhanced Edition uses an innovative cavity design, and it can create a delicate and full sound through self-developed audio technology. Its 360 degrees sound cone design brings a full range of listening experiences, stable sound, excellent high, middle and low frequencies, good airtightness, and an ultrasonic welding process.


This model comes with a LED clock. If you have other Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play products, you can also connect to form a stereo audio device for better audio effects. You can control your other smart home devices with Xiaomi Speaker Play Enhanced Edition, and that is an advantage. You can check if this model is available in your country on Mi Store.

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