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Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun for an Amazing Massage

Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun is a portable massage gun to relieve muscles, pains, throbbing biceps, arms, hamstrings, and aches. If you feel tired or beating up your body in the gym and get sore, it helps with recovery, and you should give a chance to the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun for an Amazing Massage. We need to mention that the Xiaomi Massage Gun is also known as Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun in global.

It feels incredible in hand, but is it still worth the value after using it? Let’s check out the Xiaomi Massage Gun for an Amazing Massage.

Xiaomi Massage Gun
Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun

Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Review

It is running 19 volt 1 amp with five strength levels, and what is really cool about the Xiaomi Massage Gun is its slim, elegant design. It has a 3200 rpm high-powered motor, and it says that it has an 84 days battery life. It also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has a single button on the back, one button only, and no vents, which are cool.

Xiaomi Massage Gun comes with a nice nylon case with a handle. There is a manual in the case, and it says that before using Xiaomi Massage Gun for the first time, you need to charge it fully. You get 4 accessories for the massage gun, and the rubber heads are excellent. The 4 accessories are made of silicone, and it is safer for health and for different muscle groups. It is like a silicone type of rubber and feels great. These accessories have high quality rather than other massage guns on the market. Lastly, there is a charger in the box.

If we look at the massage gun, we can clearly say that it has a great design, and it feels amazing in hand, not over the top-weighted. A gunmetal gray, matte finish, and detailed design look really cool and great. The charging port is on the bottom of the Xiaomi Massage Gun, and it is a 1 volt 1 amp charging input.

The battery inside is 2900 mAh, and the charging time is about 4 hours. The net weight is 0.84kg, and it has a rechargeable lithium-ion. There is a battery indicator symbol on the Xiaomi Massage Gun, and when all the lights are on, you have 100% charge. Three lights are on means 65 to 80%, two lights are on 40 to 60%, and one light means it is only 20 to 35%.

The noise level is 45 dB. Massage level is on level one. If you hold that for one second, the massage gun turns on. If you hold two seconds, it turns off. One click does not work, and you need to hold it 1 for a couple of seconds. It is just for safety measures to make sure your Xiaomi Massage Gun does not work during transportation or unwanted times.

How to Use Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun for an Amazing Massage

All you need to do is to put a massage head accessory on the massage gun. If you need you can also buy a charger station for your massage gun. It is one piece and matches the same colors, you can also put your head accessories on the charge station.


Xiaomi Massage Gun will be a great choice if you suffer muscle pain. When an intense workout causes muscle tightness and tension, it is aimed to massage the fascia. The massage gun creates vibrations, which affect the necessary area. Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun is a portable and convenient device to make pain and discomfort disappear after training. If you want to buy this product, you can check Amazon.

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