Xiaomi’s fastest 210W charging technology certificated.

Chinese OEMs equip their phones with lightning fast charging. vivo iQOO 10 Pro was released this year in July 2022 with 200W fast charging. It charges completely in 10 minutes as on the advertisements. OPPO reached 240W on their development as well. On the other hand Xiaomi already reached 200W fast charging on Mi 11 Pro in 2021 but that specific model was never seen in public.

As it’s seen on the advertising this custom version of Mi 11 Pro with 200W fast charging can be charged completely in 8 minutes. Market Mi 11 Pro units can be charged wirelessly or with a cable charger at a rate of 67W.

Xiaomi’s brand new 210W charging technology

The Xiaomi MDY-13-EU charging adapter has previously been found on various certifications. New 3C certification for the MDY-13-EU with 210W charging rate passed.

As it’s seen on the report, MDY-13-EU output delivery values are 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 11V/6A Max, 17W/10.5A Max, 20V/10.5A Max. Last one on the list can reach 210W charging. Since Xiaomi produces a wide range of items, we are unsure of which device will feature the 210W charger in the box.

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