Xiaomi’s Mi Music app disappears on Google Play Store.

Xiaomi’s Mi Music app has been quietly removed from Google Play Store! his music player app has been a long-standing part of MIUI but is currently unavailable for download on the Play Store.

Mi Music has been removed from Play Store

Mi Music is a preinstalled music player on Xiaomi phones, offering various features, including customizable themes and offline music playback. It also allowed users to stream online music through Xiaomi’s partnerships with third party providers. However, now it cannot be found on Play Store.

The reason for the removal remains unclear, as it is uncertain whether Google or Xiaomi itself took the app down. While there have been recent attempts by the Indian government to pressure Chinese smartphone manufacturers, the removal of Mi Music does not seem to be specific to India, as the Mi Music’s Google Play Store link gives an error. Mi Music has the package name of “com.miui.player“.

We will have to wait for an official statement from Xiaomi to gain further insights into the situation. What are your thoughts on Mi Music? Why do you think it was removed from Play Store and was it an app you use frequently? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments!

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