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Xiaomi’s new Magnetic Wireless Charging Technology is introduced!

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Xiaomi is introducing its new ultra-thin magnetic charger. It is obvious that the wireless charging pads currently on the market are not very useful. Due to high heat, large components and limited usage scenarios, users do not use wireless charging pads much. That’s why Xiaomi is introducing its new ultra-thin magnetic charger. This magnetic charger represents a new breakthrough in wireless charging technology.

Faster, lower temperature, lighter, smaller size and better ease of use… Where is the next direction for the development of wireless charging technology and the advantages of different technical ways can both be had? Xiaomi Officially launched the “small inductive + magnetic suction” wireless charging technology.

It relies on a number of technological innovations to directly attack the downsides of traditional high-power wireless chargers like big heat, large components, and limited usage scenarios.

Meet a comprehensive and innovative wireless charging technology!

New appearance and strong magnetic attraction. The compact body is equipped with 17 annular array magnetic cores that can automatically align and absorb when you put them at your fingertips. It supports 360° magnetic attraction to adjust the angle freely, and is used unhindered in both horizontal and vertical screen scenes. 800g super strong suction can stably absorb the weight of about 4 mobile phones.

What exactly will this technology do?

The new magnetic wireless charging technology brings a new technology with faster charge transmission, easier usage scenarios, lower temperature and more aesthetic design. This wireless charging technology, which will provide you convenience in your daily life, is a revolutionary breakthrough. Compared to Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger, the new Xiaomi magnetic charger, which offers faster wireless charging speed and better usage scenarios, is designed to give you an excellent experience.

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