Youtube Vanced project is now discontinued! Goodbye Vanced

We are here today to give you bad news unfortunately. Developer team of the YouTube Vanced app, a YouTube music, YouTube premium alternative that has no competition, decided to drop support for it. It is from now on discontinued. In the upcoming days, download links will be removed and app will no longer be accessible to newcomers. Only those who already have this app installed in their device are going to be able to keep using it, but what is the reason behind this sudden and sad decision?

youtube vanced
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What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube client that offers premium features to the users and comes with a lot of useful settings to give you an incredible video watching and YouTube browsing experience. Main features include:

  • Offers the option of an amoled black theme in order to reduce eye and battery strain
  • Blocks all ads in videos and many ads in YouTube app and lets you to play videos in the background with Picture in Picture (only on android 8.0 and up) as well as background play without the Picture in Picture mode
  • Favourite channels can be put in whitelist from both video ads and SponsorBlock depending on your preference
  • Offers you swipe controls allowing you to control brightness and volume with finger gestures using the left and right portions of the screen
  • Auto repeat feature allows you to put your videos on loop and start over and over again infinitely
  • Comment section and minimized video layouts are now changeable to the legacy versions by the toggles that are located in settings
youtube vanced
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While these are the main features that belong in the app, there are still a lot more feature to explore.

Why is YouTube Vanced discontinued?

2 hours ago, Vanced team made an announcement on their official Telegram channel, stating that they will no longer continue maintaining this project. Announcement continues to say that they will be taking down the download links in the coming days. There is no clear decision as to what is going to happen their Discord server, Telegram chats and subreddit and it seems that those will be staying up for a while.

Decision is said to be done for the legal reasons, however. we still do not have the details for it yet. Hopefully the matter will be explained more in the coming days and we will get some clarity on the subject. Are you upset by the news? What do you feel? Let us know in the comments below – we want to hear from you! If you want to take a look at YouTube vanced official site, you can click here.

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