6 Settings you need to change on your Xiaomi smartphone!

Xiaomi phones usually come with MIUI out of the box, with MIUI there are a lot of settings to change on your phone so we made a list of 6 things you probably need to change on your smartphone.

1.Turning on Dark Mode

Dark mode settings

Dark mode is best known for its power savings on OLED and AMOLED screen devices but on devices that have LCD displays dark mode does not really have a impact on battery life. But what it impacts is with reducing blue light. Biggest blue light emitter is the sun but our phones emit blue light too. Blue light suppress the secretion of melatonin a hormone important for getting good sleep at night and with dark mode reducing blue light emitting from our display you are more likely to get a good night sleep.

2.Removing Bloatware

Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phones come a lot with unwanted bloatware apps that can run in the background, eat up your processor and ram and reduce your battery life. Removing these apps probably will increase your phones performance. There are many ways to remove bloatware, like using ADB on your computer, using root, using magisk modules. We think that the one of safest ways to do this process is with Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools and we already written a detailed article about this tool so we suggest you to check it out!

Check out How to debloat your Xiaomi phone with ADB!

3.Disabling ad services

Even after the years is Xiaomi still putting ads on their user interface. We talk about ads in system apps like security, music and file manager apps. Removing all the ads might not be possible but we can still reduce them a lot. Disabling Online content services from the apps will disable every ad from the app. Disabling data collecting apps like “msa” and “getapps” will reduce the ads.

Disabling Online content services;

  • Go into the app you want to remove ads from
  • Enter the settings
  • Find and disable Online content services

Disabling data collecting apps

  • Go into your settings app and enter the Passwords and Security tab
  • Then go into Authorisation and revocation
  • Disable “msa” and “getapps”

4.Changing animation speed

On miui animations are a lot slower than they should be. This makes your device feel slower than it is. We can increase animation speed or even remove the animations with developer settings.

  • Open settings and go into My device tab
  • then enter all specs tab
  • after that find MIUI version and tap couple of times until it enables developer options

  • to enter developer settings you need to go into Additional settings tab
  • now swipe down until you see Window animation scale and Transition animation scale
  • change values to .5x or animation off

5.Wi-Fi assistant

Ever felt that your internet speeds are low on your phone? While playing games your ping is higher than you expect? Then Wi-Fi assistant feature built into MIUI can help you solve these issues.

  • Go into Settings > WLAN > WLAN assistant > Enable Traffic mode > Enable Fast connection

With WLAN Assistant you can even use your mobile data and wi-fi at the same to boost your internet speed but be careful of additional carrier fees

  • WLAN assistant > Use mobile data to boost speed

6.Changing screen refresh rate

These days almost all Xiaomi phones come with high refresh rate screens from 90hz to 144hz! But Xiaomi doesnt enable high refresh rate out of the box and many people use their phone without enabling this feature. Yes we know using high refresh rate decreases your battery life but we think its a fair compromise because high refresh rates make your phone smoother and today 60hz is unpleasent to use.

  • Go into settings > Display > Refresh rate and change it to 90/120/144hz

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