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A brand new phone by POCO: POCO C50 is appeared on IMEI database

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Xiaomi releases variety of devices from entry level devices to flagship devices. POCO C series are the most affordable phone series by Xiaomi. Note that POCO C50 is an India only smartphone.

If you are familiar with POCO smartphones you might expect POCO C40 to be introduced but the POCO team have chosen to go with “POCO C50”.

POCO C40 won’t be the model that follows the POCO C30, according to the CEO of POCO India. POCO C models are generally underpowered phones but with an affordable price tag.

POCO C50 seen on IMEI database

Some certifications and IMEI leaks usually let us figure out there’s an upcoming new phone. POCO C50 wasn’t announced yet but its IMEI got leaked.

We have recently shared that there’s an upcoming new Redmi phones. Read the related news here: 2 New Redmi devices found in IMEI Database!

POCO C50 will be a rebranded version of Redmi A1+. Also keep in mind Indian version of Redmi A1+ will be slightly different than the global Redmi A1+. We assume it’s a rebranding but POCO C50 and global Redmi A1+ might feature different camera setups.

According to Kacper Skrzypek, a famous tech blogger on Twitter, Redmi A1+ will be powered by Helio A22 chipset. Model number of POCO C50 is “220733SPI“. POCO C50’s codename is “ICE” which is exactly same as Redmi A1+.

What do you think about POCO C50? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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