Another bad news for the legendary ‘YouTube Vanced’ app

A few days ago YouTube Vanced app has announced they won’t release new versions of Vanced app. Vanced team didn’t explain why they discontinued the project. On some devices Vanced is being detected a malicious software by Play Protect. Some Android users around the world report they got a notification saying Vanced app is “harmful” so prompting users to remove it.

Should I delete Vanced or use an alternative?

Google Play Protect comes with Google Play Store and it is a kind of antivirus software. You can easily turn off Play Protect in Google Play Store settings. Google doesn’t give detailed info why the app is marked as malicious so it’s unknown why it’s marked harmful. You can keep using it until YouTube doesn’t support the latest verison of the app. Latest version of Vanced is still usable for now so you don’t need to worry for now. Read this article to learn other YouTube Vanced alternatives. If you still want to use Vanced you should be careful while installing Vanced app since the all app downloads are removed from Vanced’s official website.

vanced official website

If your phone is rooted we recommend you to take the backup of Vanced app or if you have APK already keep it on your phone in case you still want to use it. If you’re concerned about this notification definitely check out open source alternatives of Vanced app. NewPipe is an open source app removes advertisements on YouTube. Download it on here and you can check its source code on GitHub as well.

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