Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives | ReVanced is out!

As YouTube Vanced project is dead unfortunately due to legal compromises, people started to look for alternative things for it. In this article, we will list all of it with their respective easily accessible links.

What is YouTube Vanced? It was a modified YouTube client that had such things such as SponsorBlock, ad blocker, AMOLED dark theme, and many more features. This article shows alternative apps that you can just use like Vanced.


Not too long ago, Google had forced YouTube Vanced, a premium alike of YouTube app, to shut down, threatening with lawsuit. This decision came as a surprise to many as the YouTube Vanced had been widely praised and the best alternative to YouTube Premium. There were certain areas of the product that are not compliant with the terms of service of YouTube. As a result, YouTube Vanced had been forced to shut down. While this upset many users across the world, a different team of developers took it upon themselves to take charge of the project and build their own without any affiliation with the YouTube Vanced team.

ReVanced as the the alternative to YouTube premium is an unofficial sequel of the Vanced app and works independently from it, aiming to deliver new features as well as those already seen in YouTube Vanced. It is still in its early stages as it was only out 2 days ago, June 15, 2022. Currently there is only the non-root version of the app as prebuilt APK file and it requires micro-g in order to allow users to log in.

On another note, root version is also available in their GitHub repository, however it requires compiling from the sources if you do not want to wait for the prebuilt APK files. The team is currently working on their official manager that will manage the installations of ReVanced app in both root and non-root versions, and it is expected to come soon.

ReVanced settings currently consist of:

  • Minimized playback
  • Old quality layout
  • Disabling create button
  • General ads
  • Video ads
  • Tapping on seekbar for video navigation
  • Background play

Thanks to this new alternative of YouTube premium, users all over the world now have hope again, not succumbing to the limitations of official YouTube app. You can get your hands on this app through their website and micro-g app from here. You can also go to their subreddit and Discord server to ask any questions as well as visit their GitHub for progress.


This is basically YouTube but with a blue accent. It does block the ads. It also has the ability to sign in to your Google account, which makes it basically just use like the regular YouTube app. Only downside is that it doesn’t have much features, like background playing and downloading content.

It doesn’t support picture in picture mode, background playing, downloading videos, and such stuff from Vanced. The app is basically only used for adblocking inside YouTube, which is kind of a regular YouTube client where it had no ads in past before like the old YouTube.


This is pretty much a video downloader that you can also use as a regular YouTube client. The only downside is that, you are not able to sign in, as this app pretty much breaks Google Terms Of Service, and will get your account banned if there was a sign in option. You can download the app here.

The app also have features such as creating local playlists, background playback just like YouTube itself, Picture in Picture mode, able to download videos, adblocking and many more, which is up to you for finding them out.


This app is a beast as far as we used. It’s just like NewPipe & YouTube, but with a material design with more features compared to NewPipe. The only downside with it is that it uses old libraries, so the videos load slower compared to NewPipe. Although, it also has a feature to save off from data as well(if you’re using cellular data). In the video player, there’s a music switch button that you can use to switch to music mode, where it only loads audio of the video, and not the actual video itself. This app is highly suggested for a Vanced alternative. You can download it from here.

The app also has many additional features just like NewPipe, downloading in any quality, or as a music directly, creating playlists, subscribing to channels just like YouTube, built-in material music player, and many more inside the app you can find out.

The app also has a recent played library list, ability to manage subscribtions, already downloaded local content, and more and more features inside it such as changing the app’s accent, adding blur to the user interface and more.


This is basically a youtube replica that is only used for background listening. It does have ads, e.g when you scroll through the videos and such, but less compared to how much YouTube has, e.g it doesn’t play an ad when you open a video like YouTube. It doesn’t support downloading, picture in picture mode and such. If you only care about background listening, this is the app for you.

YouTube Premium

Unfortunately, if all above didn’t suit you, you have to buy the YouTube Premium membership. It’s pretty cheap based on your country, only downside is that there’s no SponsorBlock and other stuff like there was in Vanced. It has most core feature from Vanced, such as adblocking, downloading, background playing, picture in picture mode and such.

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