Best Apps for Mi Band — Use Mi Band with full functions

Smart wristbands have recently become as popular as smartwatches. For people who do sports, these smart wristbands become much more useful than smartwatches. Xiaomi has a 6-series smart wristband called Mi Band. Best Apps for Mi Band is one of the most curious things about these smart wristbands.

Due to the features they contain, smart wristbands attract people who do sports more to their target audience. Stopwatch, calorie tracking, pedometer, alarm, and sports mode are among the most used features. In addition to these features, you can also see notifications such as calls and messages on your mobile phone on your smart wristbands. We will bring you different applications specific to different needs under the title of Best Apps for Mi Band.

What are Smart Wristbands?

Technology continues to develop at full speed and is becoming more and more integrated into our lives. Some products accelerate the integration of technology into our lives, and these are wearable technology products.

Although smart wristbands have not been around for a very long time, they have become a technological product known to everyone by quickly entering the market with many brands and models.

Smart wristbands are in a structure that can meet the needs of people who do more sports in terms of their target audience and features. People who do sports do not want to carry a phone in their pockets and a watch in their arms because they are constantly moving and sweating. This is where smart wristbands come into the game.

Best Mi Bands

Mi bands are very small products designed for you to carry with you. It is lighter than smartwatches and more useful for certain situations. Of course, the Best Apps for Mi Band research is done by quite a few people to improve their use. One of the first applications that come to mind when it comes to Best Apps for Mi Band is the Google Fit application.

Google Fit

Google Fit is a health-tracking application developed by Google for the Android operating system. Google Fit uses sensors on a user’s activity tracker or mobile device to record physical fitness activities (such as walking or cycling) and are measured against the user’s fitness goals to convey a comprehensive view of their fitness. It also has features such as distance and calorie tracking. The Google Fit application, which is compatible with Mi band, is the first application that comes to mind when it comes to Best Apps for Mi Band.

Notify & Fitness For Mi Band

With Notify & Fitness for Mi Band, you can customize your Mi Band notifications. This app lets you choose different colors and icons for each of your notifications including calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages, Messenger, Instagram, and more. If you are looking for a notification app for Mi band, Notify & Fitness For Mi band app was among the Best Apps for Mi Band. It still supports not only new versions but also old versions.

Mi Band WatchFaces Apps

Since WatchFacess applications are produced separately for each bracelet, we do not recommend a direct application, but if you have Mi Band and want to make it cooler, Mi Band WatchFaces App is one of the most important applications you should download for Mi Band. WatchFaces applications, which are very important for Best Apps for Mi Band, will help you find the interior design that appeals to your eye with different designs.


When it comes to Best Apps for Mi Band, these 3 applications are very useful. You can also download the official app for your Mi Band to your phone. These applications are applications that work without an official application.

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