Best Customization Apps for Your Google Pixel!

You know Google’s famous Pixel series devices. Pixel devices are a beautiful product of flagship hardware meeting with a smooth pure Android interface. These devices have made a name for themselves especially in terms of cameras. There is also the specially developed Google Camera application, of course. You can get information about Google Camera here.

You know, Google Pixel devices have a pure Android interface. It’s overly plain next to a MIUI or OneUI, and it can be a little annoying. So how can Pixel devices be made more fun and useful? We have listed the best customization apps for Pixel devices for you. Let’s get started then.


You are aware of Material You design that came to Pixel devices with Android 12. It’s time to add color to plain Android design that has been going on for years. Yes, Google was right on this one. The Material You design offers users a more colorful interface. This is loved by users, but there doesn’t seem to be much choice in terms of colors. There isn’t much to choose from other than a few colours. But there is a solution, Repainter!

Repainter is a product of the famous developer named Danny Lin (@kdrag0n). It’s a plugin to customize Material You theme that comes with Android 12. Features of the application are available below.

• Choose colors from your wallpaper, or pick your own color
• Use different, separate accent and background colors
• Get Android 13’s new theme styles on any device
• Change colorfulness and brightness, including AMOLED Black
• Advanced controls for colorfulness behavior and color targets
• Preview themes and color settings instantly

How to Install Repainter?

Repainter · dynamic themes
Repainter · dynamic themes
Developer: kdrag0n
Price: Free

Repainter is a paid product and you can buy it for a small amount such as $4.99 and install it on your device. It works on Android 12 and higher (includes Android 12L and Android 13). Except for some features, this app doesn’t require root permission. So application that can be used without root. Some screenshots are available below.

Pixel Launcher Mods

As the name of the app suggests, this is a Pixel Launcher modding plugin. This open-source app developed by KieronQuinn and works on all Pixel devices running Android 12. Application source codes are available on GitHub. Application has a lot of customization options, available below.

  • Supports custom icons, including icon packs and adaptive icon packs.
  • Custom themed icons.
  • Replace the At a Glance or Search Box with a widget of your choice.
  • Hide apps from the app drawer.
  • Resize widgets beyond their original bounds, down to 1×1 or up to the maximum size of your grid.
  • Hide the status bar clock while the Pixel Launcher is visible.

How to Install Pixel Launcher Mods?

Your device must be rooted with Magisk to use this app. In fact, we talked about installation steps in this article. Some screenshots are available below.

Google Camera Ports

One of the must-haves of Pixel devices is, of course, Google Camera. You can take unique photos with HDR+ modes. You can also experience a real long exploration thanks to Astrophotography. Google Camera is unique in this regard with its interesting modes such as advanced Portrait mode, Timelapse and Photo Sphere. However, if you have a slightly older Pixel device (e.g. Pixel 2 series) you may miss out on some new Google Camera features (e.g. Astrophotography). However, your device supports this and you can avoid it. With Google Camera ports!

Google Camera ports are applications prepared by a number of developers. Its main purpose is to run Google Camera applications on other devices. The developers are very successful in this regard, Google Camera can now be installed on almost all Android devices.

It even has many advanced features in addition to the stock Google Camera application. Thanks to LibPatcher, different settings such as sharpness and tone curve adjustment can be made to the HDR+ process. Or you can take photos with Astrophotography on your device that doesn’t support Astrophotography. Many detailed options are also available, such as custom ISO and long exposure shutter setting.

How to Install Google Camera Ports

GCamloader - GCam Community
GCamloader - GCam Community

In this part, our GCamLoader application is helping you. GCamLoader is a Xiaomiui product. It helps you to select and install the appropriate Google Camera port for your device. It has a simple and useful interface. Simply select the brand and model of your device. Our app will list you the most compatible Google Camera ports. You can choose, download and install. That’s it! Some screenshots are available below.


If you have switched from Xiaomi or Samsung or another Android device to Pixel devices, interface may seem a bit plain and empty. Compared to interfaces like MIUI, OneUI or ColorOS, the pure Android interface can be poor in customization and design. There is a real custom theme engine as well as the applications we have listed on this subject, Substratum!

Substratum is actually an Android custom theme application developed for years. It also supports Android 12 and requires root permission to work. A great app to add some fun to the pure Android interface and set up your own custom themes for your Pixel device.

How to Install Substratum

First, install the Substratum app available in Play Store. This app is main app to run Substratum themes and requires root permission.  After installing and opening the app and granting root permission, all that remains is to find a Substratum theme and install it on the device. Install one of the custom themes or create your own, choice is yours. You can find more information about the app in this developer’s article. Some screenshots are below.

KWGT – Kustom Widget

Widgets are another way to customize your homescreen. Widgets are a set of application add-ons added to home screen, were available from first versions of Android to these days. However, in pure Android, although there are widgets, there is not much choice. If you want to create your own custom widget with the most detailed settings, KWGT is for you.

KWGT (Kustom Widget) is a highly advanced and versatile widget creation application. End users can use it, app doesn’t ask root permission. You can choose what you want from the widget store in application, customize it and add it to your home screen, choice is yours.

How to Install KWGT

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker
KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

It’s simple, install from Play Store and open, that’s it. Some screenshots are below.


It’s that simple to make your Google Pixel more colorful, more advanced and more personalized. Stay tuned for more.

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