Replace Your Pixel’s At a Glance Widget and Custom Icons | Pixel Launcher Mods

Pixel series, Google’s popular devices, got new Android versions at the end of last year. Pixel devices, which fully experience the pure Android experience, got a brand new interface with Android 12. Pure Android for MIUI users might be a little different, check out our comparison here.

One of the innovations that came with Android 12 was new Pixel Launcher. Completely redesigned system interface includes new launcher. New Monet supported icons, revamped app interface and new redesigned “At a Glance” widget.

These innovations are pretty cool, but wouldn’t you like to customize it a little more? e.g. editing app icons, changing app names, or customizing the at a glance widget. Here is the perfect app for just that!

What is Pixel Launcher Mods

As the name of the app suggests, this is a Pixel Launcher modding plugin. This open-source app developed by KieronQuinn and works on all Pixel devices running Android 12. Application source codes are available on GitHub. Application has a lot of customization options, available below.

  • Supports custom icons, including icon packs and adaptive icon packs.
  • Custom themed icons.
  • Replace the At a Glance or Search Box with a widget of your choice.
  • Hide apps from the app drawer.
  • Resize widgets beyond their original bounds, down to 1×1 or up to the maximum size of your grid.
  • Hide the status bar clock while the Pixel Launcher is visible.

How to Install Pixel Launcher Mods

Your device must be rooted with Magisk to use this app, check this article for help.

  • After installing Magisk, download app from here and install it.
  • Once the app is installed, open it, app will ask for root permission. Confirm and continue.
  • Good, now you can start using the app. A few screenshots of features we mentioned are available below.

An admirable job indeed. Offers an even more enhanced experience for Pixel users. It has been a simple and useful application to customize your device. If you are curious about the working principle of the application, you can visit the developer’s article here. Stay tuned for more.

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