Pure Android or MIUI | Which is better?

MIUI is Xiaomi’s indispensable interface. Many features and animations are available in MIUI. However, these animations may make the device look a bit slow. Pure Android, on the contrary, has a empty interface compared to MIUI. But as a plus, it is much faster than MIUI. Also, remember that the concept of “better” is personal, and choose the interface that suits you according to the pros and cons in the article.


MIUI Specs, Pros and Cons

MIUI’s interface has more animations. And has more features. Of course, these animations make the device look a little slower than it actually is. However, many features such as application cloning, 2nd space, password to each application are available in MIUI. Also MIUI has in-built hardwate test UI.

Pros of MIUI 

  • MIUI has a lot of animations
  • Theme suport
  • Floating apps
  • Super Wallpapers
  • Advanced Dark mode
  • App cloning
  • Second space
  • Lite mode
  • One-time hotspot limit
  • Control Center
  • Game Turbo

Cons of MIUI

  • Slower Interface
  • Laggy on mid-range phones
  • Worse battery usage than Pure Android
  • It has many bloatwares
  • It has many bugs on UI

Pure Android Specs, Pros and Cons

Pure Android, on the other hand, is much simpler than MIUI. In addition, there are no extra features such as animation or application cloning. application opening speed, switching speed between applications, opening speed of the device, etc. These are the good sides of Pure Android. Also some devices get higher performance and better screen time on Pure Android.

Pros of Pure Android

  • Simple UI
  • Faster UI
  • Faster app opening speed
  • Monet color palette (Only for Android 12)
  • Better Performance
  • Better Battery usage
  • No bloatwares
  • Media control in QS

Cons of Pure Android

  • Not many features that MIUI has
  • Not has theme support
  • Not has animations (Except Android 12)
  • Not has floating apps
  • Not has game mode (Except Android 12)

Interface Comparison, Pure Android vs MIUI

  • Homescreen MIUI / Pure Android (Android 12), It has MIUI animated icons on the home screen. On Pure Android, only when closing apps the icon in the middle moves. Also MIUI has Super Wallpapers, although it consumes a little battery, it makes the interface very nice. Pure Android has Live Wallpapers, These are animated but simpler wallpapers.

  • QS panel MIUI / Pure Android (Android 12), Here the interfaces are different from each other. Especially the auto-brightness button in MIUI is not available in Pure Android. And the amount of data you use is also not available in Pure Android’s QS. But Pure Android has a button to quickly shut down or restart to device. Also there is no internet speed indicator on Pure Android.

  • Notification panel MIUI / Pure Android (Android 12), MIUI is better in terms of notification area width, Pure Android is better in terms of accessing a few quick settings buttons when viewing notifications. You can also switch to the QS panel in MIUI with a swipe. Live blur in MIUI looks better on the eye. And you can quickly access the notification settings by pressing the notification settings button in MIUI.

  • AOD styles MIUI / Pure Android (Android 12), AOD style in MIUI is fully customizable. And compatible with Super Wallpapers. In some themes you can also add the number of steps in MIUI. But Pure Android side, it’s not customizable. But if there is a reminder etc, it appears on the AOD screen.

Here are the differences between Pure Android and MIUI. Of course, the differences are not that small, but the point here is which one is better. This also varies from person to person. If you want a pure, fast interface, Pure Android is a good option for you. But if you want plenty of animation and a feature-packed interface, definitely MIUI is for you.

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