Best Google Camera 8 Ports You Should Use

Install best Google Camera 8 ports on your device and increase your photography experience many times over! As you know, Google Camera (GCam for short) is a very successful camera application developed by Google for their Pixel (formerly Nexus) phones.

First released with Google Nexus 5 phone, and Google Camera is currently only officially supported by Pixel devices. It allows you to take your photo experience and photo quality to next level with its many extra features such as HDR+ Enhanced, portrait mode, Night Sight, Astrophotography. With these features and other software enhancements, you can take much better photos than your phone’s original camera app. So, do you need a Pixel device to use this app?

Of course not. Custom Google Camera apps were ported by developers to install this camera application on other Android phones. In this way, this useful application can be installed on other Android devices. Moreover, custom Google Camera ports have additional features that are more advanced than stock Google Camera application. In this article, we have listed the latest and best Google Camera 8 ports for you. In this way, take your mobile photography experience to the top.

How to Install Google Camera 8 Ports?

Google Camera 8 ports are compatible with Android 10+ and ARM64 based devices (Snapdragon devices mostly). It’s in form of an ordinary APK installation. You can install port Google Camera APK and start using it. However, there is a solution where you can easily find and install compatible port on your device, GCamloader!

GCamloader - GCam Community
GCamloader - GCam Community
Developer: Xiaomiui
Price: Free

GCamloader is a completely Xiaomiui product. Thanks to this application, you can easily find and install best Google Camera ports compatible with your device, more information about GCamloader application is available here.

Best Google Camera 8 Ports

Google Camera ports are constantly updated by developers according to original version. Currently, official Google Camera version for Pixel devices is 8.4.600. Based on this, we have listed the current and best Google Camera ports for you.

BSG GCam – 8.4.600

BSG, one of the most popular developers, is considered first place to find the latest Google Camera ports. Port application has additional advanced features compared to stock Google Camera application, but it’s quite plain when looking at other ports. Still, it’s a stable port compatible with most devices. It also has up-to-date version, 8.4.600. You can find BSG GCam download link here. App screenshots are available below.

Parrot043 GCam – 8.4.300

Another developer is Parrot043, this developer’s Google Camera ports are based on BSG. But, this port has more advanced features (e.g. 4K video support for front camera, or EIS on/off switch). Device support has a very wide range, just like the other port. You can download this Google Camera port here. App screenshots available below.

Nikita GCam – 8.2.300

One of the most advanced and stable versions is NGCam 8.2.300 ported by Nikita. Moreover, there are many advanced addons available. “Libpatcher” is available to edit photo process stage, and improve photo quality, adjust sharpness, contrast, exposure and color values. So, you can increase mobile photography experience of your device many times with many useful features. Download link available here, and screenshots available below.

the_Dise GCam – 8.2.204

DMGC 8.2.204, one of the most stable and fastest working Google Camera ports, is being developed by the_Dise. This GCam port hasn’t additional features, it’s a only modded version of stock Google Camera app to work on other devices. That’s why it works very smooth, you can choose it especially for your slightly outdated devices. Screenshots are available below, and download link is here.

Arnova8G2 GCam – 8.1.101

Arnova8G2 is considered leader of GCam developers. Many other developers base their ports on its ports. That’s why most Google Camera ports are made thanks to him. Arnova8G2, which has been developing Google Camera ports for a long time, releases stable versions at long intervals. More recent versions are available in beta versions, but they are experimental. There are many advanced features available in this port. So, it’s a good opportunity to increase your camera experience many times over. Screenshots from app are below, and download link is here.

We have listed best Google Camera 8 ports for you. In this way, you will have opportunity to take much higher quality photos with your phone. Or using our GCamloader application, you can find compatible ports for your device much more easily. All Google Camera versions are available in our app.

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